Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pay it forward part II

Hello friends!

One of the nicest things is to open your mailbox to find a little parcel there for you. Well that's what happened to me today. The 'Pay it forward' gift from Jenelle from Sleepy Hollow arrived this morning! (Remember Pay it forward? See my post 11-1-07.)
And this is what Jenelle has made for me:

And when you take the tag out of the little envelop it is even better:

Thank you so much Jenelle, you did a terrific job!


Lori said...

oh, that is SO sweet!!! i got my pay it forward today...will post about it next week...

Splashes of Pink and Mint said...

Wat is dat leuk hè, dit soort post! Ik weet er alles van!!! Het ziet er erg lief uit. Nog een fijne zondag!