Monday, February 4, 2008

Victorian Card making; a LiLi-like tutorial

Hi all!

I have been busy!
First this cupboard was changed

into this one:

I thought it would take me two days or something but actually I was busy a whole week! This cupboard is LARGE!
Then we build another cupboard in our basement, with three sliding doors, so I can save a lot of things

This box only took about a day and a half to explain to hubby (but why that MUCH Lili??)
And I have cleaned all our linen closets. The thrift store is going to pick up a lot!! Usually I like what I buy, but sometimes...I have decided now that it is better to part with those 'mal-buyings' as soon as possible, in stead of keeping them year after year, feeling guilty every time you clean your closet. Nope. That crimson red cloak/coat in which I visually double size has to go now! Phffew what a relief!
And of course I was cruising the internet looking at all those valentine creativeness and things to buy.

Somewhere I saw those Victorian three dimensional cards. I have bought some replicas in the early nineties in London.
when you look sideways to such a card you see this:

and they inspired me last year to make this birthday card for my aunt.

Ooo I liked those Victorian Valentine cards, so why shouldn't I make those myself? I started Saturday and couldn't stop! You really should click on the picture. It was too sunny yesterday in our living room, but I definitely wanted to take to pics before the first cards would be send today! And I think that the 3D effect isn't as stunning in the picture as in real life, to tell you in all modesty.

Please do try this at your home;
All you need is some german scraps.(I have tons of them. Using them all the time.) Some card board which is used for making cards. Some glue and scissors. And when you are very uncertain you will need a measurement instrument, like a ruler.

This is how it works:

You bend the card the way it can stand and then

This is of course just an example, you cut a heart shape of music paper, which you glue directly on the card.

Now you cut a small strap. Fold it into some kind of rectangle. If you are uncertain use your ruler, but you can just do it when you have a good eye. Be sure to check: when you fold a right rectangle you can fold it into a diamond square as well. Mmm you learn some maths while reading my blog!

Glue this rectangle onto your scrap (in this case a rose) and the other side of the rectangle onto your card:

Oops, I'm holding the card upside down now, but I do hope that you know what I mean...

The next stage is almost the same, but I forgot to take a picture hahaha!
Fold a rectangle, glue that on the little guy (in this case) and glue the bottom of the rectangle on the bottom of the card and the upside back onto the rose that has already been attached in a previous stage.
Now your card is three dimensional, can stand on it's own and can be folded in an envelope!
Of course you can cut the bottom into a nice shape and glue some additional scraps as well.

You can put your message on the bottom of the card, even put some nice stamp Happy Valentine or some cupid on it!
I do hope you understand my tutorial! Actually when making pictures and making a card it didn't work out, it was the first card which couldn't stand on his own and couldn't be folded neither! So I did another card and mixed up the pictures.
If you don't understand, please don't hesitate to ask, I will explain better.
Next time I will show you the Victorian Waving Card, an invention of yours truly! And I will announce the winner of the January give away.
Speaking of which; one of these (kind of) cards will be given to someone who gives a comment in February!
Could well be this one:

Or this:

Or this one:

See you all next time when I'm going to show you how to make those waving hands!
Take care, xoxo LiLi.


Lori said...

Lili...WOW!!! i am SO very much loving your sweet cards:) they are all so lovely...thank you SO much for sharing the process with us...that was very sweet of you!!!

love your new banner:)

Sandra Evertson said...

Lovely cards! Thank you for the tutorial.

Sandra Evertson

Crafty Mama said...

Hi Lili!

What pretty cards! Love them all and so nice of you to make a tutorial... when I have zip, zero time LOL!! Hahaha I also love your new banner!

Ok, that's it. I just HAVE to make something today otherwise I will get cranky.
XO Elizabeth

Vintage to Victorian said...

Lili, they're amazing. You must have the patience of a saint! You must be pleased with your 'new' cupboard. Well done!

Anja said...

Love the cards!

Ik ben alleen bang dat het nu na je uitleg niet meer zo origineel zal blijven... ;-) maar wat is er nu leuker dan delen?!

Liefs, Anja

Splashes of Pink and Mint said...

Wat is je kast mooi geworden! Alles komt nu nóg mooier uit! En bedankt voor je beschrijving, moet toch gaan lukken? (Hoop ik!?) Ze zien er zo lief uit al je kaartjes!

Marloes said...

Wat is je kast mooi geworden Lidwien!!! En je kaartjes zijn helemaal geweldig! Ga ik ook zeker proberen te maken!

En ik heb je "by the way" ook onderscheiden voor the "make-my-day-award", je krijgt 'm van mij omdat je zo'n inspirerend persoon voor me bent!

Anonymous said...

wat is je kast prachtig geworden.
en hele mooie kaarten die je gemaakt hebt. leuk dat je er de werkbeschrijving ook bij gezet hebt.
groetjessss wil

Anonymous said...

They are great. I want to make some!

Anonymous said...

hello lili, and thank you for visiting at my blog!
the cards youcreated looks wonderful. I love victorian scraps myself, last year i used them a lot in my works and supplies.

please, do add me on your giveaway. thank you!


Anonymous said...

Prachtige kaartjes,bedankt voor de tutorial en wat een een prachtige kast.Dat heb je mooi gedaan.Zit hier ook nog met enkele kasten die geverfd moeten worden.Helaas moet er de was nog af.De verzameling in de kast ziet er ook heel erg leuk uit.Daar willen we in de toekomst nog wel een een nadere look op hebben!

Heleen said...

Your cupboard looks really great! And lovely cards you made. You'r a good teacher, thank you for the tutorial.

linnea-maria said...

so beautiful and inspiring cards you are making. Im on myself making Valentine cards. I will send them to my relatives. My boys gets the inspiration to and one of them made a card yesterday ment for a girl in his class, so cute! /linnea-maria

Anonymous said...

ben niet zo van het kaarten maken...maar wil nog wel even zeggen dat ik je kast super mooi vind geworden en dat ik graag eens een foto van IN de kast zou zien...(aagje) iets dichterbij....

groetjes manuela

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Lili
I am so glad that you visited me and left a comment otherwise I would never have discovered your blog.
It is an absolute delight and full of all kinds of wonderful! I am completely smitten with your cupboard full of nostalgia..what a wonderful collection. Your 3D cards are fabulous and very clever! We have much in common.. hairpins, dolls, and so much more!
I would like to link you if that is o.k...

Warm wishes Michele said...

I hadn't made pop up cards in so long, I had forgotten how, now I feel like trying some again. Yours are lovely, you used such pretty componants together. I definately will have to give them a try! Thanks for the lesson.

Splashes of Pink and Mint said...

Ik zie dat je reeds onderscheiden bent, maar ook ik draag 'em aan je op, kijk maar eens op m'n blog!

pamelahuntington said...

Just looking at all your beautiful
work - these cards are just
gorgeous!!! And I am so inspired by
the tutorial! I love all the
old wallpaper!

Sandi said...

Beautiful cards. And I see you have another Feb drawing, so count me in for that one too, please.

I. said...

Hi Lidwien, hoe was je vakantie ? Hopelijk heb je genoten!
Enne... kijk eens op mijn bent getagged (schrijf ik dat goed ?!) Kijk maar of je er zin en/of tijd in hebt, hè... Liefs, I.