Thursday, February 4, 2010

Speckled egg's petite inspiration box swap

Een paar weken geleden deed ik mee aan een swap georganiseerd door Heather van Speckled Egg. Het was de bedoeling om 3 grote luciferdozen te decoreren en te vullen met vintage spulletjes. In deze post zie je eerst de prachtige dozen die ik ontving en als laatste de dozen die ik zelf verstuurde. Omdat ik denk dat de foto's wel voor zich spreken laat ik de vertaling verder grotendeels achterwege. Ik wil jullie alleen nog wijzen op het feit dat er een Flickr groep is, waar veel van de deelnemers foto's gepost hebben. 

A few weeks ago I signed up for Heather's Speckled Egg's petite inspiration box swap. In a group of 4 players each member had to decorate three large matchboxes and fill them up with vintage or vintage related supplies. The theme was Valentine inspired, so the colors would preferable be red, white and pink.
You should send 3 boxes and receive 3 back, what fun!

The first matchbox that arrived at my home was Cheryl's. Unfortunately she doesn't have a blog, really too bad as she is such a talented lady:

In a background of red velvet Cheryl created this luxurious birds' nest, with vintage millinery, a mercury glass heart and antique crystal, really gorgeous.

You should click the photo to get an idea what Cheryl sent me! Look at all goodies, one even better than the other! There was an extra little bag with saltwater taffeta, which was delicious, yes was.

Everything is so sweet, thanks so much Cheryl!

The second box is from Pamela

The photo doesn't do this box justice, we had such bad weather to take photos ; there is a crochet flower on top, with a tiny flower heart and a ladybird. The drawer opens with a lovely button. There is also a Flickr group where you can check out most participants' boxes.

Inside a lot of wonderful goodies!

Just click on the photo to see them detailed. Just awesome, thanks so much Pamela.

The third box that arrived was Heidi's, sweet angels surrounded by German glass glitter and papier mâché.

Look at these goodies in detail! Thanks so much Heidi!

So you thought this would be the last matchbox, but it isn't . When I discovered that Sandy of Quill cottage was too late to sign up for this swap, I offered to swap a box with her too.

She didn't send me one matchbox but a box full of goodies! Look at all these fun packages!

This is the beautiful matchbox Sandy made me. A bird nesting in vintage lace, surrounded by vintage buttons, just too good to be true! The box is standing on little legs and look at that tiny handle, so sweet!

The pink and white goodies inside the box, don't forget to click on the photo to see the details.

An additional bag with red themed goodies. And if that wasn't enough:

On top of that a goody bag with a white theme.
Thanks so much Sandy, you really are too generous!

And now for the final part: what did I sent them?

This was the matchbox I made for all four ladies, but in the last minute I decided I just had to send Miss Sandy a box with a bird theme:

I put this inside each of the boxes. The vintage pink little cannister holds a sewing kit.

This is how my matchboxes started their journey.

This was such a fun swap, thanks to you ladies, for making it so much fun. Thanks for creating such lovely matchboxes, treasures to keep always. Heather will be hosting another swap soon, just keep an eye on her blog if you want to join, which I can recommend.

Thanks for your visit, hope to see you next Sunday, for the final part of Silver Sunday!

Ook in het Nederlands wil ik de dames nog even hartelijk bedanken voor de prachtige dozen die ze gemaakt hebben en hun gulheid. Als je zo'n swap ook een leuk idee vindt; Heather zou er over niet al te lange tijd nog eentje organiseren. Als je haar blog in de gaten houdt, kun je de volgende haast niet missen! Bedankt weer voor je bezoek, ik hoop je zondag weer te zien voor het laatste deel van Silver Sunday. groetjes!

xoxo LiLi M.


Lori said...

LiLi, all of the matchboxes are SO cute...amazing how one little canvas can have so many interpretations depending on the style of the artist...i am utterly amazed when i see these posts, how many goodies you girls manage to tuck into those tiny little boxes...i am such a bad packer...i could never make it favorite thing is the little bobbins that you sent to Miss Sandy, they are so cute!!!

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Wow what a fun swap, wish I had know I would have loved to join in.
Your match boxes are beautiful.
Luv Sophie xxxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonsoir ma chère Lili! Wowwwww! This is what I love so much...these altered art boxes and all the sweet vintage surprises! Lili, these are just magical! The birds, the crocheted flowers and the glitter? I had received a little package the other day from a blogger friend and I still have the box with all the little goodies inside so that I can sit and enjoy it after a stressful day. Have fun with these marvelous tokens of such sweet friendship!

Bisous ma belle! Anita

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Oh Lili...

I JUST LOVE THEM ALL!!!! What sweet treats you received. Such pretty little things. And as for what you sent out...oh my I love love LOVE those playing cards and that old stamp. I could just go on and on. How could I miss this swap? PLEASE let me know if Heather has another one...I'll keep my eye on it too but don't leave me out of the next one!!!!
You are such a sweetie~
everything vintage

June said...

Lili I just knew this would be awesome. I couldn't wait to see all the different boxes you all exchanged. I love the beautiful boxes that you made to swap. Such attention to detail and filled the such wonderful treasures. You received lovely boxes back and I'm sure you are overjoyed at your new boxes. I just can't get over how creative all you artists are. Gee...I wish it would rub off on me.

Heidi said...

Wat een leuke swap, je hebt weer prachtige doosjes gemaakt én gekregen!
groetjes Heidi

Anonymous said...

All these boxes are so sweet!!! beautiful goodies also! Your matchboxes seem to be very big compared to the ones i can find in France. I wanted to signed up for Heather's Speckled Egg's “petite inspiration box swap” also, but it was too late. So, I have made one for my little girl, i'll show it next week :) xo

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi LiLi, What a fun swap! You have received such wonderful goodies in those lovely matchboxes and I also love what you have sent out!
See you on Sunday :-)!

Natasha Burns said...

oh i love what you received and i love what you sent!!! so many itty bitty pieces fit in such little boxes! i hosted a matchbox swap when i first started blogging and it was so fun to see how many things could fit!

Janine said...

meid wat een prachtige dozen, dat nest in rood, prachtig, wat een creativiteit, en wat daar allemaal in kan in die doosjes, prachtig hoor, jouw dozen zijn ook een plaatje (ehhh, het gaat hier toch over dozen of niet ;)) de tekst werkt op mijn lachspieren;))
Meid, proficiat met deze prachtige geschenkjes, echt toppie, en waar iedereen die spullen vandaan haalt? Geweldig. Grusse von hier.

Miss Marple said...

Waar haal je toch steeds weer die leuke swaps vandaan? En al die leuke spulletjes ervoor? Je bent wel ontzettend verwend geworden!
Ik wens je een heel fijn weekend - Irma

BellaRosa said...

Lili amor, how beautiful everything can see how much thought and care went into each beautiful lil box... Sandy's left me speechless, made my memories of my decorated with stickers matchboxes I used to carry my tiny bebe dolls in when I was a lil girl to shame :) I know everyone must have loved the beauties that they received from you too! Besos, Rose

lia said...

Zo, jij bent weer lekker bezig geweest met die lucifer doosjes. En hoe bedenk je het toch steeds weer.
De valentijnskaart is ook zo leuk.

fijn weekend
lieve groet Lia

Sandy said...


You are going to have so much fun with all your goodies! I adore my special bird box and Have all my goodies displayed in a heart shaped dish on my worktable where they are handy and can offer extra inspiration! Have a great weekend sweet friend!

De Ruijsbroekjes said...

Ik zit met open mond te kijken naar al dat creatieve moois wat je op de foto hebt gezet, ontzettend wat leuk zeg ! Je hebt geboft met al die mooi dingetjes. En jouw doosjes zijn ook zo superschattig! Kanp gedaan wat een lol zal je met het maken er van gehad hebben !

Anja said...

Meid, wat een werk toch allemaal weer... prachtig! En al die foto's... echt leuk om te zien dat jij zo'n enthousiasteling bent. Ik kom gauw weer aan :)

Groetjes, Anja

kana said...

Oh Lili,

It all looks great and so many lovelies all in tiny boxes! Sure wish I would have swapped with you.

barbara said...

I'm amazed at how much you can fit into one match box! Lots of fun stuff.

Pamela Jane said...

LiLi, it was such fun swapping with you! I am still admiring all the sweet things that came in your lovely detailed box. So glad you enjoyed the swap, too!

Elyse said...

hi LiLi!

how beautiful everything in this post is. i did click-to-enlarge many of the photos. there is so much to see! this is such a fun swap.

enjoy all of your little treats!


Stacey said...

Looks like you got some fabulous goodies in the swap! I'll have to keep an eye out for swaps hosted by Heather... I'm really wanting to do something creative- The juices are flowing!

Anonymous said...

YOu have the market cornered on valentine goodie boxes! So gorgeous!

atelierlemlem said...

Oh, wat een superleuk idee! Heb je deze swap zelf georganiseerd? Ik ben heel verbaast over wat je allemaal kunt vinden voor zo'n swap..ik vind zulke kleine hebbedingetjes nergens. Zoek je ze ergens in een geheim winkeltje?? Geef ons eens een tip! Ik ga ook even kijken bij dat andere blog hoor, voor inspiratie.
Leuk dat je ook voorleesmoeder bent geweest..heb je nog handige tips? Ik ga straks eens even in de bieb neuzen naar een leuk boek. Ze hebben op school ook wel boeken genoeg, maar ik zag een leuk boek over een dief die de lijmpot van de juf stal en de juf en kinderen op het schoolplein vastplakte...
Dat leek mij wel iets om voor te lezen, want boeven zijn spannend natuurlijk.
Fijn weekeind toegewenst en groetjes van mama lieveheersbeestje.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Lili!!! Oh you dear friend, you! After a day out with the girls on your feet, you make the time to come to dance with me! Thank you Lili for your sweet friendship and support! Yes, I am done with my thesis AND just minutes ago, I finished a 14 page literature review (a small version of a thesis) for an elective class I got stuck taking! I AM OFFICIALLY DONE!!!! I want to play now and write, draw and carry on as a teacher, wife and artist. I noticed on your sidebar that you love chocolate. I never was a big fan, preferring vanilla, BUT...I don't know what made me do this, but one day I put some cocoa powder in my VANILLA yogurt and now, I am hooked! Vanilla yogurt, cocoa powder and RASPBERRIES! It really is divine!

Bisous to you my dearest and keep dancing; it suits you so well! Anita

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Wonderful swap Lili

Victoria xx said...

I'm glad to see that you received such nice goodies, because the stuff you sent out to others looks fantastic!!!

Betty said...

Oh my gosh! I don't know how you all can pack so many goodies into those tiny boxes. It's just fun to look at all the pictures!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Lili! I just saw your second comment! You are so know, I don't eat candy at all.....I can't stand it! The only form of chocolate I even like is the pure cocoa powder and as I type, I am eating my non-fat yogurt concoction and it is wonderful! But chocolate desserts and candies? NOT FOR ME! Like on my post, I prefer to eat a big bunch of grapes for dessert! You are so kind and beautiful, Lili! Have a beautiful day, you darling person, you!!! Anita

Marianne said...

Ik heb al een tijdje alle swaps aan me voorbij laten gaan, maar als ik dit zo zie, dan begint het toch weer te kriebelen.
Je hebt geweldige doosjes gekregen, maar die van jou is ook erg geslaagd!
Veel plezier met al je mini-spulletjes.

LW said...

What wonderful matchboxes, love what you sent, love what you got…
It is fun to see just how much you can stuff into something so small…
I will keep a look out for the next swap and I may just join in on the fun.


natalea said...

Holy-Petite-Inspiration-Swap-Goodness!! Lots of pretty stuff! that was a fun swap, wasn't it?!
Have a great week LiLi!
xo natalea

Decor To Adore said...

Oh my goodness! I kept going back and forth looking at all these lovely boxes and their contents. I love that you could enlarge the photos to see all the wonderful goodness.

I loved your idea of making a special bag to keep the banners in. I think I shall make it my own. Thank you so much. said...

wow LiLi, what beautiful match boxes and lovelies inside! Love what you did for them as well! Rachaelxo