Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hello world

Ok -deep breath- here I am world, or should I say YES at least ONE visitor, has found me. Yes You!!! Welcome! This is my first blogmessage ever! I guess I just have to say now what I'm doing here and what you can expect from me...but I don't know exactly yet.
Life's a big adventure. So we just wait and see what happens. In the mean time I'll write down some things.

I'm a happy kind of person and I like other people to feel happy too. So I hope reading my blog and looking at my pictures will make you smile once in a while. I like to create/design all sorts of things and I will show some of my creations here.
I'm a collector ever since I could collect. I like all kinds of old stuff like dolls, handbags, wallpaper, hairpins mmmm I guess the list will be much shorter if I just tell you what I don't collect: baseball cards, cars, militaria and that's about it!
You will see some of my collections and fleamarket finds in this blog too. Writing in English isn't one of my routines but I'm doing the best I can. Hoping that these blogs will unite people all over the world.

Let's try to show some pictures!
Finally there was a picture and tjoooops it is gone again...
And oops I dit it again...
Well there is one picture now. I don't understand why it's above my text, but I'll find out someday.
It's the cupboard in my bedroom, painted and whitewashed by me.
Ok, that's all for now folks.
Have an inspiring day, LiLi M.


LiLi M. said...

Ok world...I'm waiting.
Yes, I am impatient. And of course I want to know if this is working the way it should be (and yes of course I don' t want to have nil/zero/nada reactions).
let's check it out.

Anonymous said...

wel don !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jet S. said...

Wow! I'm really impressed. I'm looking forward for further stories and pictures.

EvdL DB said...

Hoi Lili M,

Het ziet er GEWELDIG uit!
Ik moet morgen wel op m'n gemak alles nog eens doorlezen.


Anonymous said...

Hi LiLi M.
What a surprise!! A very nice blog,in your favorite, romantical style I also like so much!!!
Last sunday I bought two dollhouses!!
Guess who I am???

Sweet Roses & Vintage Chique said...

Dear miss LiLi M,
Although I'm not the 'introduce myself' kinda gal, I think it's safe to say it feels like we've already met.
And, just after reading your first post, I don't think I would mind being on your lovely blogs list!
Have a very nice stay in blogland!

Anonymous said...

Super leuke blog
Leuk je toekomstige slingers
Super leuk idée!
en die kast leuk kleurtje daar kom je niet zoo maar op dat je dat aan durfde

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

That is a lovely photo! What a pretty room.

Welcome to the blogworld!!

Anonymous said...

hai lili m

i have just found you!!and i'm going to follow you!
have lots of fun here !!!

greetings your "brocante vriendinnetje" M.

Anonymous said...

even wennen om hier iets van me te laten horen maar het idee van je loting spreekt me natuurlijk enorm aan! knap hoor dat je ook nog de tijd vind voor deze blog..
tot snel op t forum,. groet,leoniek.

Abbie said...

lol, I love all your blogs, they are awesome!

Anonymous said...

ha die Lidwien, vandaar dat we niet meer zoveel van je horen. je was dus hier mee bezig.je hebt het wel weer leuk in elkaar gezet.gaat volgens mij wel ontiegelijk veel werk inzitten. toen ik dat berichtje op het forum las, dacht ik wat is dat weer voor een raar iemand! hahaha. maar ja van jou kan je zoiets ook wel verwachten.
veel plezier met je blog, kom zeker nog geregeld aanwaaien. zoals jij altijd zegt. CU---Wil

Christina said...

Hi Lili M,
A little message from me.
I think you have done a great job with your fantasic blog , it must have been a lot of work.
I 'am looking forward for the nex t stories.

catharinas-love said...

Hoi Lili ,
Ik heb vanavond je hele blog bekeken , van je laatste tot de eerste post en ervan genoten !
Wat een leuke vintage spullen heb jij . De bling bling vooral is heel erg mooi !
Groetjes Rini - uit Best