Monday, October 22, 2007

And the winner is...

Today we are going to find out who the winner is of that awesome Cath Kidston book. I' ve made little papers with the 45 participants. 44 girls and one guy. A few of them haven't commented my blog here, but they used the picasa-forum (about 6) or gave comment in my personal mailbox (about 3). My roommate Eugene, who should be changing hats this moment, as he always does twice a year, has lent me his top hat before changing it with his summer Maurice Chevalier hat. Thanks for cooperation Eugene!

*Eugene with summer hat.

*Eugene's winter hat

Another roommate, Cecile, is insisting on being a member of the jury, so you all know it's going to be a fair drawing.
Now there could be the sound of drums, but I was planning to make it an illusionists' show, so were having Carl Orff (Carmina Burana) in the background. I don't think disappearing and appearing of that hat does show well in photo's, however ;-))

And now for the moment of truth the winner is: (you are listening to the choirs in the Carmina Burana right now):

Elizabeth ( Sweet roses and vintage chique)!! (
I don't know if anybody can read this! Just click on the image!

Ah she deserves it!! Congratulations Elizabeth!

Ok that's that. Tomorrow I will publish a post about flea-market finds. Thanks for stopping by. Have an inspiring day!


Sweet Roses & Vintage Chique said...

Aaaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!! I WON!! Oh I can't tell you how much you've made my day! I soooooooooooo needed some good news!! Thank Eugene for me! Must be a magical hat LOL... (I never win anything can you tell??)
I'm happy happy happy happy happy happy... mm well I think you get my point! Thanks again!!!!

M. said...

Haha, is your roommate nog vrij?? Wel een knappe meneer zo te zien en ik zou best eens een avondje met hem uit willen :D
Speciale groet voor Eugene.

monique said...

Ja, wat een leuke roommate heb je zeg!!!!Ü.
MOnique. said...

Congrats to Elizabeth, what a nice prize. said...

I just changed the date of my holiday party, that was a tad bit early, thanks for letting me know. I decorate so early, I didn't even stop to think that others don't!!

Lori said...

congratulations Elizabeth!!!

Elly said...

Wauw, leuke vent zeg! Staat 'em goed die hoed! Ik las al bij Elizabeth dat zij het boek gewonnen heeft, volgens mij is hij daar precies op de goede plek! Bedankt voor deze ludieke actie!