Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring is in the air!


I'm in Heather's junque in my trunk swap too!! I am soooo excited about it, shopping vintage again, yes! I have spent part of the weekend enjoying my swappartner (I do hope this is not supposed to be a secret, well it isn't anymore now) Carol's blog. What creative talent and she has such a beautiful garden. Be sure to visit her at Boxwood cottage, but don't do that if you haven't got plenty of time!
We did a total make over of our garden last year, if you don't remember you can refresh your memory here. I think my garden has potential but looks still a bit shabby ( no, not that shabby way we all want things to look, but the shabby way no one likes). I realized that having a beautiful garden as Carol has, must have been the result of hard work, so I started today. It was cold but sunny and I worked so hard that the cold didn't bother me at all. Luckily I have a garden facing south. When you're working in the garden you suddenly see things like:

hey, the Camellia has flowers and a lot of buds!!

little forget-me-nots!! I always like that blue!

This is Euphorbia, the first time I have this cultivar.

Helleborus in white and pink still has flowers

and a big surprise!!! I have several pots with this lavender, I wanted to cut it back when I saw I am already too late for that...there are new flowers already!
I had a great time discovering, thanks Carol for inspiration.

Another very lovely lady I want to thank very much is Elly. She gave me an award again and I am very happy to receive that honour. Also I have won one of her atc's!! Be sure to check her blog. You wonder if Elly has found those gnome armies. She is so creative and productive and everything she makes is so nice!! When I'll receive that atc I'll show you of course.
I will let you know another time to who I will give this award....

Have a nice week, btw do you have spring in your garden already? Hugs LiLi


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Lili! Oh I went back to your garden post and it is just beautiful! SUch a fresh breath of flowery air here where everything is brown and dead waiting for spring to arrive.

Carol does have such a beautiful garden and she and you will be great partners! Any excuse to shop right?????



Natasha Burns said...

Hi Lili,
Your garden is fabulous, I love all your beautiful choices in flowers, there are a lot of my favourites there!

Tante Tee said...

Dat vind ik nou echt wat voor jou! De junque in your trunk swap!, hahaha!!!
En bij mij begint de lente ook te komen in de tuin, maar wat mij betreft niet snel genoeg...

Lori said...

Lili, your garden looks just stunning...i am really looking forward to seeing something in my yard bloom:)
i saw Elly's ATCs and you ARE lucky, they are just gorgeous!!!
i am doing the junque in my trunk swap too, isn't it fun? i am going to finish up the box for my goodies to my partner today:)

Anonymous said...

hele fijne paasdagen!!

groetjes je brocante vriendinnetje

Elly said...

Echt een swap voor jou, ik kan dan ook bijna niet wachten hoe het er bij jullie tweetjes uit zal zien! En wat wordt je tuin prachtig, bij jou is het dan nog shabby, bij mij is het gewoon geen gezicht! Maar ik heb goede voornemens.... als het weer dan ook nog eens mee gaat zitten!
En pffttt... lieve Lidwien, bedankt voor je warme en hartelijke woorden, you make my day!

Sal said...

I love your blog.Your garden is lovely and inspires me! With Love,Sal;-)

Anja said...

Hahaha, ik vraag me dat soms ook wel af van Elly... die is altijd zo heerlijk in de weer! Foto's van de tuin zijn altijd welkom, the more the marrier zeg ik dan!

Fijn paasweekend en bedankt voor je comment op mijn blog. Hoe vind ik trouwens meer info over dat anti-spam gedoe?

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Oh heck, no- it is still cold here! It should be starting to warm up, this is just a LONG winter this year. We will have our Easter egg hunt indoors for the baby tomorrow.
I hope you have a lovely Easter!

María Elena said...

Hi Lili, Happy Easter. Beautiful garden you have, Here, mine enter into recess for the winter.
Hugs, María Elena

faire un songe said...

Haha.. het kwartje valt nu dat jij Lili M bent.. ik was nog niet wakker geloof ik, of had ik misschien teveel uurtjes achter de pc gezeten.
Dank je wel dat je even op mijn Blog kwam kijken.
Fijne Paasdagen verder
Groetjes Hetty

Carol said...

Hi Lily!
So glad that I have a swap partner who not only loves junque but who loves gardening too!:) You have some beautiful flowers and plants in your garden. We have got lot's of snow here in the last days brrrr but it's back to spring weather this Saturday, well that's what they say so I live in hope!
I'm going to e-mail you now!
Carol xox