Monday, March 10, 2008

Time management

Last time I told you quite a few things about myself. I didn't mention that I ... well ehh how do I tell you this? That I do like to recycle a lot? Or is it that I like things that I can have for free a lot? Sometimes I think I have been a very poor girl in a former life. How come that I see the beauty of things that are thrown away by other people? Sometimes I think I have the mind of my grandmother who couldn't throw away anything, my mind is still 1920-ish. Anyhow, there is so much that people just throw away, that is not only useful but far more better than that; quite unique. I always pay attention to shop windows. Did you know that most materials will be thrown away after a short while? I think a sale cycle doesn't even last 8 weeks.
I spotted these clocks in the window of Didi, a fashion store, around Christmas. Those clocks were part of Christmas decorations. In the beginning of January (sale time) I asked the shopkeeper what was done with those clocks because I would like to use them for a time machine project (this is no lie). She told me they were probably thrown away and that I could have them if headquarters approved. And headquarters did approve and I got all those paper clocks. I (read hubby has) have put them in my little studio, which is still under construction. Those clocks are symbolic, because I always have to little time, especially when I'm in here. You know what I mean.
Some clocks have no pointers (anymore) and I have made new ones, plenty of time suddenly n'est-ce pas? But those little things to adjust the pointers to the clocks are temporarily out of sight. Yes, now I have the time I still cannot adjust the pointers...lucky me :-(
By the way, this saving of things that would be thrown away (definitely not to say searching trash) is inherited by my daughter; look what she brought me:

Those green paper bags are awesome and they are wonderful keepers of vintage wallpaper. They were nominated as 'old paper' at the beauty shop, where you can find lovely boxes (disguised as old paper as well), if you have an eye for it, but you can develop one. I wonder are there any thrash lovers out there??

When my pointers will be adjusted I can play with time!
You will never have to wait for a tutorial or another promise I have made this long.
Here's the tutorial 'victorian waving hand card'. Finally.

Most important is that you need Mameloks scraps nr.79 and then use your imagination...hahaha

Well you didn't wait for that all time did you?
This is what you need:

First you divide a common cardboard for making cards in half and glue some nylon (think of frings) lace on the edges:

After that you glue the hand on a card board to consolidate the hand and then cut it out.

Don't forget to put a little gem on the ring.

Put a hole into the card as well as in the hand and tie a gold ribbon through both holes.

And now tie the ribbon. Your card with waving hand (if you shake the card) is ready.

You can put a stamp on the blue card as well, I did bonjour, but 'get well' or 'congrats' are possibilities too, of course. And now for the best part. You could recycle this card, ooh how LiLi-like. Such a hand could start a second life as a bookmark a receiver of this card you could remove the blue part and send this card again. Save the environment!!
Have an inspiring week and don't forget to look for 'trash'. Hugs LiLi.


Anja said...

Heerlijk, nog meer knutselideeën... heb alleen geen tijd...! Jij hebt - zo te zien - de tijd gekocht dus kom ik maar gauw wat bij jou halen ;-)

Groetjes, Anja

Tante Tee said...

Op zoek naar nog meer rommel??? Word al de vuilnisbak van de familie genoemd...

María Elena said...

I love your tutorial. I am recycler extreme.Regards, María Elena

Elly said...

Het is weer een plaatje! En het is dat ik zo klein woon, maar anders.... wat zou ik toch veel verzamelen! Enne... als bedankje voor je telkens weer inspirerende blogs heb ik (weer!) een kleine verrassing voor je op m'n blog! Liefs, Elly

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a lovely blog you have! I love all of your little shops & the small goodies you have displayed in them.

Sweet Roses & Vintage Chique said...

Wat een leuke tutorial weer! En die ringetjes zijn wel erg mooi. En ik zag van de week ook al in een album mooie labels van jouw hand met geweldige stempels erop. Waar vind je van die leuke??? Ik zie ze alleen in de US, maar probeer hier ook te zoeken maar nog geen succes...

Het lijkt me trouwens ook wel helemaal geweldig als je dochter met 'troep' naar huis komt. Echt iets om trots op te zijn haha!!!

Lori said...

Lili, your card is just stunning!!! the colors you used are perfection:) and oh yes, i love trash too!!!

Cowboys & Custard said...

I think I must be the ultimate Trash queen ... well at least in my neighbourhood. I have a chest of drawers stuffed full of vintage this n that!
I love your clocks.. they make a stunning display.. clever you.. you have a wonderful eye for style Lili.
Very pretty bookmark.. more proof of your talents..


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

I loved your tutorial Lili... the ring is just the right touch! I love that.

Trash to treasure!!! A girls best friend. :) xoxo

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...


I sent your email to let you know your swap partner and it wouldn't go through for some reason. Can you email me at and give me your correct email? Your partner is Carol from Boxwood Cottage. You can find her link on my sidebar. I had trouble with her email too. :)

xoxo Heather

Natasha Burns said...

Great recycling Lili! Those clocks sure were a find!

linnea-maria said...

Hi thanks for your comment on my blog Lili! Well its friday and Im tired. As a benefit we can buy products our factory is producing, it is all kinds of lotions, shampoo, washingpowder and so on. But I got skin rash from the skinlotion I bought. Its not a bad lotion but I have a very sensitive skin and therefore I make my own products at home, I have to continue with my own. The clocks on the wall was very nice. I dont like waste either. I went to our local paintshop and got wallpaperbooks for free, good to have when making cards. Your waving hands are so nice. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs /linnea-maria

María Elena said...

Lili, I like your new banner, a week ago I found the children's books as these.
Hugs, María Elena

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hi Lili,

YEs, ik spreek ook nog Hollands! Love your tutorial, and thanks so very much for visiting my blog. Try to subscribe to my feed again, I think (hope) I fixed it!
xo Lidy said...

I love trash! And yours is lovely.

linnea-maria said...

Hi Lili
good to hear that some more people have projects lying month after month ;) . I think Charlotte Perelli has to qualify in a semi contest before the final one. If you click the link you can listen to it on youtube. Have a lovely week /linnea-maria

Brierley & Clover said...

Just have to say your blog is lovely - and I love your banner too - vintage kids books just look so nice on the shelf!

Carol said...

Hi Lili,
so nice to meet you! I'm glad that we are swap partners! I love to look for trash as well! Your clock faces are great! I wonder why I didn't come across your blog before. I really look forward to our swap!
Carol x

Carol said...

P.S. I forgot to say that I really like your tutorial for the waving Victiorian hand!

Barbara Jacksier said...

What a find! I have been considering buying a faux vintage clock face but most of them really work (a negative to me) and are way too expensive.

rochambeau said...

Hi Lili M.
This is cool. Thank you for your tutorial. Also your blog looks so nice. I will be back.

sending smiles,