Thursday, May 29, 2008

Being tagged again and a peek in our garden

Hi all!!

I have been tagged twice again. I love reading about you girls. But somehow it's less fun when I write these facts about myself. So to make it a bit more interesting while you are here I'll show some pictures of the garden.

Maria Elena has tagged me and she wants to know 7 strange and unfamiliar things about me.
Now the other day I was thinking about 7 weird things. I asked my husband and he said: only 7?
But I wrote seven weird things about me here already I told him, but he thinks those were 7 weird incidents.

Here we go:

1. I'm a night animal.
I can stay up very late and having no problems at all, no matter how early I have risen. I can sleep in daytime when ever I feel like it. Especially when watching Pokémon with my son I cannot keep my eyes open. There are times that I sleep less than 4 hours without interruption for nights and nights in a row. Now I have read that in that case you will overproduce a hormone that makes that you will eat too much. So I really cannot help :-). I like these kind of theories and that brings us to:

2. I have all kind of theories. Like how my whole life would have been different if I was born in time. My mother was expecting me September 26th. I was born October 8th. At that time you had to be 6 years old before October 1st, when you started primary school. So that first time (of many to come) of being late did cost me an extra year in Kindergarten (which is btw THE most useful education ever invented; learning how to copy, cut and paste is most helpful to a lot of working people nowadays while being able to recite Pythagoras' theory doesn't help you much further in most occasions). If I was born in time I would have had other classmates, other friends, probably never met my husband, having other children etc. etc.

3. When I cook I never taste but I only smell. And it works! I love to cook Italian, Indian, Indonesian, Moroccan, Turkish, Dutch whatever! When I read a recipe I'm always adding stuff and leaving stuff already when reading.

4. I like way too many things. I simply cannot choose. I like all kind of stuff in my interior. Antiques, vintage, Cath Kidstonlike, modern stuff (if it's inventive). I like to read and I like to write. I like history. I like to craft. I like to sew. I like to shop. I like to travel. I like to stay at home.
But I dislike house cleaning and nasty people.

We are having goldfish in our pond!

5. I have a memory for totally useless things. Like: I remember what I was wearing when hubby and I had our first date. On the other hand I cannot remember where I have left my credit card, the one that I have lend to my daughter. I remember her giving it back, me thinking I will not need this one on vacation, so let's put it away carefully and then...blank zero nothing!!

and tadpoles!

6. I love jokes and funny stories, (not the joke that everybody is telling but one that you invent yourself) and I laugh out loud even, or should I admit especially, when I tell them myself...:-}

7. I can work in my studio even when it looks like this:

And believe me the other side is the same or worse.
That's why I'm joining a challenge hosted by Michelle 'to have your working space organized by June 21st.' And of course I will make that.

Viola Molly Sanderson

I have been tagged by Nicky as well:

1. What was I 10 years ago?
I was married to Mr. M. already, having two kids (the same) and having a part time job as a personal assistant to several members of Parliament. Helping them making and preparing their speeches. I specialized in educational issues and issues concerning working conditions and working environments. I was a collector at that time too, my main interest then was vintage and mod Barbie.

2. Five things on my to do list today:
1. Ironing (but I didn't feel like it/forget it, I don't have a memory for these kind of things either, but the day isn't over yet.)
2. Mail lots and lots of people (haven't done that either)
3. I still have to call my nephew who is celebrating his 15th birthday today. Congrats to you Ian!
4. Make a blogpost and do something creative too.
5. try to find the forms of my sons next school, so I can register him for secondary school. Yep I have found the forms, but I haven't filled them all in yet.
(What on earth have I done today??)

3 snacks I enjoy:
Flemish fries with mayonaise
All kinds of french cheese, the more they stink the better!
My homemade pies.

We now have electricity in our garden too!
It shouldn't have to be that obvious concerning to me. Ooh have to explain them everything....

4 things I would do if I was a millionaire.

I think this is a tough one. I really am a happy and lucky person already.
Should I write that I wouldn't care about the shipping costs of vintage wallpaper if I was a millionaire? My husband would probably stop working and poke all day around here mmmm....
Would I try to do a bit more about political issues like poverty and aids in the third world? Probably.

5 places where I lived
I started in Rotterdam, very near the railway. This was a house with no bathroom, no garden and no balcony. At that time there were not enough houses for everybody, so my parents occupied this house illegal. They were 'krakers' (dutch word for illegal inhabitants) avant la lettre.
From there we moved to the Hague,where we lived in an apartment with bathroom and garden so we were really doing well.
I rented a room in Leiden when I was 19. Living with a landlord and landlady, both very nice people, we still keep in touch. After that my boyfriend (now Mr. M) and I rented two rooms in a house at one of Leidens famous canals. But those rooms were at the back of the house, so no nice views for us.
After that we moved several times in Leiden and then we made this 'big move' to Dordrecht where I still live, though not in the same house as where we started.
These are all places in the Netherlands, even in one county 'South Holland'.

And now I have to tag 6 people...
These people can choose what they want to tell us:
7 weird things or Nicky's tag or nothing at all, if they don't feel like it.

Wil (casa nostra)
Jeanette and/or her daughter Emma
Linnea Maria

and finally Mme
Vosgesparis who has told us a lot allready but I'm missing 7 (or more) WEIRD facts about her....
As a reward they may tag six other bloggers, wow!

Are you still here?
Have a nice day, hugs LiLi.


Lori said...

LiLi, your garden looks so beautiful:) i have a little water feature in my garden too...not as big as yours looks, but we have some goldfish tadpoles...thanks for sharing all of your information with us...i was very interested in reading of all the places you lived...esp the place without a bathroom...i can't imagine it...OH, and i HAVE to tell you how utterly gorgeous the button fairy was that you sent to Karla, i almost fell out of my chair when i saw that darling creation!!! Bravo and take a bow:)

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a gorgeous garden. Loved hearing about you!

vosgesparis said...

Jij stiekeme T%^&tje :))) THere is to much information about you here .... before my first coffee... I will learn it out of my head all later

Marianne said...

Thanks a bunch! Now before I can finally get to showing you all what I have been up to with my sis, I have to go and reveal all of this information about myself ;-). But I am up for the challenge, so I'll get around to it asap.

linnea-maria said...

Hi Lili! Of course it's ok! I will try to think out some good answers. And I think i will copy your smart post with lovely pictures of the garden, or something else, maybe my shoecollection (hasn't every girl a shoecollection?). We have lovely weather right now, everything in bloom and the swedes turn from grey to shining happy people :-)
Have a lovely weekend/linnea-maria

rochambeau said...

Dear Lili M. It was a delight to read all about you. Hope that you have a garden now! You speak English perfectly. I admire you so!

Nicky said...

Hi Lili,
You at least get reactions if you make a blog. Exept you no one else reacted on my tag! If I read your answers on the other tag I again feel we are quite alike in our tast.
You lead a different life then me but I don't like cleaning house either.I like being creative far better. But it is all on the backburner again with the kittens. Haven't made one quilt this year.
Your garden is coming along nicely. I wonder if you will have frogs in your pond this summer!!
Have a nice weekend.

Heleen said...

Oh what a beautiful garden! thanks for sharing thes pictures and information with us!

Anja said...

Ja, je tuin mag er wezen hoor! Het wordt het tweede seizoen in je tuin alweer, niet?

Leuk om al die verschillende dingen over je te lezen. Grappig dat je ouders krakers waren. Altijd al gedacht dat jij hippie-bloed had ;-)

Verder alles ok in Dordt?
GrUtz Anja

Jeanette said...

Now that was a long and interesting post. And it gave me an explanation to why you write so well. You have done it professionally! Did the speeches you wrote have that humoristic twist too? Because that is one of the things that I love so much about your posts!

And your garden!!! What can I say! Absolutely gorgeous! I have always wanted goldfish but haven’t had the heart to buy any. My cats would only think I bought them lunch!!! This time of the year they bring home tiny little rabbits all the time. Proudly presenting them on the porch. Uck! My heart bleeds but my neighbors are happy since the rabbits are eating everything in their vegetable garden.....

And you tagged me! I will try to make a post sometime soon.

Have a lovely weekend

vosgesparis said...

ik heb eens even al je verhalen gelezen en tot mijn verbazing vraag ook ik mij vaak af of ik een ander persoon zou zijn geworden als ik op tijd geboren zou zijn.. ik ben namelijk net als 2 van mijn broers een 7 maand kindje... en zowaar lach ook ik het hardst om mijn eigen grapjes ;) Toch blijft het mij verbazen dat je nou net van mij WEIRD facts wilt weten... kan ik hier opheldering over krijgen want ik heb toch echt het idee dat ik heel wat over mijzelf loslaat...

vosgesparis said...

die stempel is zeker uit een stuk bot gemaakt, voel me er een beetje slecht onder maar ja niet zozeer dat ik hem heb laten liggen.. en ik ben wel van plan hem vandaag of morgen in de inkt te drukken om te zien welke signature er tevoorschijn komt.

casa nostra said...

wat heerlijk allemaal weer om te lezen. leuk dat je weer wat tuinfoto's geplaatst hebt. ziet er al een stuk begroeider uit nu. had geen idee waar je het over had, toen je mij schreef, ik heb je getagd, maar nu is het me een stuk duidelijker. ik zal er wat van proberen te maken.
fijn weekend!

María Elena said...

Lili, always is very nice to know anything more our friends.I love as you writes, you are very sympathetic.

cherished*vintage said...

Ok, so your so called weird list doesn't seem so weird to me... I can totally relate to 1,2,4,5 etc...etc... hehe Thanks for showing us your garden. It's beautiful! I love all the water features. Have a great weekend!

marga said...

Je tuin ziet er heel mooi uit.
En wat een informatie over jou.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Your garden looks fabulous! I would love to come sit with you and drink pots of tea.:)

Hope you are having a sunny, wonderful Dutch weekend!
xo Lidy

Lief Leuk & Anders said...

Hoi Lidwien,
wat een story zeg. En leuk "opgeleukt" met foto's van je tuin. We weten weer wat meer van je, en dat is wel grappig!
Trouwens, die oranje paraplu...zo lang ze winnen ( onze jongens) kan je 'em gebruiken!
Karin v D.

Country French Antiques said...

What a beautiful garden. I can't wait to spend more time here.
I'll be back and merci beaucoup for your comment!

NaturelSuus said...

Haha, leuk hoor om je eigenaardigheden te lezen!
Wat een mooie tuin hebben jullie!

Paul Sears Photography said...

Awesome pics - I enjoy surfing through blogs looking for inspiration for my photography - thanks for posting!

jeanette said...

ja hoor ben er nog lidwien....maar heb wel even vluchtig je tekst gelezen, want het is best veel en heb nog zoveel te doen, maar valt vast niet mee om 7 digen over jezelf te vertellen, wat dan ook nog interessant voor een ander is he, maar ik heb ze gevolgd en weet weer wat meer over lidwien, dat je een nachtmens bent dat wist ik wel,....vind je tuinfoto`s prachtig!

Lief Leuk & Anders said...

Hè hè, ben er eindelijk achter hoe ik moet posten...! Ach, alles moet je leren!
Een hele story, met leuke foto's van je tuin. Toch wel leuk om wat meer te weten van de persoon achter het blog. Toch?

Jeanette said...

Now you can read 7 strange and unfamiliar things about me.....


marita said...

hi lili, your garden just looks lovely! weather forcast; high temperatures in the coming week, yet damp :((
reading about the few hours of sleep you need i'm truly amazed when suffering from sleepless nights and exhaustion in the mornings. last night up until 6am. watching a beautiful sunrise here in the southern valley...

rest van de zondag was ik niets waard en morgen weer werken :((
ik ga je blog link toevoegen, goed?

have a great week lily!!

Elly said...

Weer een heerlijke post! Ik lees altijd graag de feitjes van iemand! Vooral als ze zo op de mijne lijken en volgens mij is het ook m'n aangeboren nieuwsgierigheid! (Weet ook nog wat ik aanhad op de eerste ontmoeting met m'n mannetje, en ook nog de volgende dag), hou ook van veel te veel dingen....en zo zijn er nog heel wat dingen waar ik mezelf duidelijk in herken! Wat wordt je tuin trouwens prachtig, je had 'em vorig jaar toch pas op geknapt? Het ziet al zo mooi groen allemaal! Nou maar hopen op lange zwoele zomeravonden!

Gioppa said...

Hoe bedoel je 'weird things'??!! Allemaal 'very recognisable'!!! Ook ik ben meer van de ruiken i.p.v. proeven, van de chaotische werkplek, van de nutteloze herinneringen, veel verschillende hobbies en liefdes en van de theoriën. Alleen moet ik helaas altijd minstens 8, liefst 10 uur slaap hebben per nacht. Daar ben ik toch wel jaloers op je! En op je tuin, want die is ook prachtig. Echt een oase van rust!
Groetjes, Natasha

Donna O. said...

I love all of the silly facts but I REALLY love your garden. So European (HA!)

Bristol said...

Beautiful garden and lovely pictures, enjoyed visitng your blog.

Carol said...

Good Morning LiLi :)

It was very interesting and amusing to learn some new facts about you! When I was 18 I once slept in an occupied house in Groningen and I will never forget that night, cause I had never slept with so many dogs and in so much dirt before, but I don't think that it was like that where you lived with your parents. We were very lucky that night that someone took us to that occupied house because the "Sleep in" didn't open the doors cause it was too late and we had no more money and no other place to sleep. Well that was quite an adventure lol

Your garden looks so stylisch and neat with all these stoney ways and the goldfish pond and it is so practical too because you don't have to mow the lawn! I'm thinking about changing my lawn with a stone path too some day. I love the last picture with that gorgeous enamel jug and the bird!

Wishing you a wonderful week! I hope for some rain here soon because we had no rain for several weeks now and all the poor plants are so thirsty

Hugs to you

Carola xox