Friday, August 1, 2008

My dress forms

Today August 1st is 'Show me your form' day, hosted by Tiffany. Thanks for the brilliant idea! Don't forget to check out Shabby Scraps to look for the list of other dress forms shown.

I always wanted to have a dress form. Even when I played with Barbie I tried to make a dress form out of a Barbie body, but I couldn't cut through those 60-ties' quality legs. Little did I know that within 10 years most Barbies would easily loose their legs, but that's a different story.

My mother had a friend named Loes who was always thrifting and going to flea markets. She owned the perfect dress form, according to my mother. My mum died unexpected about 12 years ago. And shortly after her her friend Loes died of breast cancer. My father knew that my mother thought that Loes' dressform would be perfect for me and when he heard that Loes' heirs were selling all of her collectibles, he didn't hesitate a moment and brought me this present:

This is an antique childrens size dress form in very good condition.
The linen is perfect and the wood too.
The best is the foot, or do I have to say feet?:

Every foot is a little carved out shoe!
I have never seen anything like that.
I am still so happy with this present. My father has passed away too, but when he brought in this dress form, he was so proud and I was so happy and this is such a good memory.

I usually show this form dressed;
she wears a little dress, a hat and a little bag, that belonged to my daughter when she was 4, the little gloves were mine in the 60ties.

I have another dress form.
It is a cheap one that still can be bought today.
I covered her in an old look linen.
If you want to know how just click here.

I use her as an inspirational pin board in my studio.

Before you go I want to ask you a little favor:
My blogging friend 'Vosgesparis' aka Desiree had a severe operation today and has to recover another 10 days in hospital. Please light a candle for her, send her positive vibes or remember her in your prayers, just do as you feel like, we all hope that those positive vibes will help Dees to recover real soon. In the mean time you can wish her well giving comments on her beautiful blog. Email me if you want her address (in hospital). Thanks.
Take care Dees, I'm sending you this card:

Don't forget to check all other dress forms. There will be a list at Tiffany's.
Thanks for visiting, have a nice weekend, hugs LiLi.

Hallo allemaal!
Vandaag is het 'Show me your form' ofwel paspoppendag! Tiffany
heeft een lijst in haar blog met andere deelnemers. Ik ben nog steeds heel blij met mijn antieke kinder paspop die ik bijna 12 jaar geleden van mijn vader kreeg. Eigenlijk als een herinnering aan mijn moeder en ook aan haar vriendin Loes die allebei kort na elkaar overleden zijn, in 1996.
De paspop is in een heel goede conditie, het hout is mooi en het linnen is ook nog gaaf en mooi. Maar het leukst is wel de voet of moet ik zeggen de voetjes?
Dat zijn namelijk uitgesneden schoentjes.
Ik heb ook nog een nieuwe en zelfgepimpte paspop. Handig als prikbord.

Misschien hebben jullie al gehoord dat Dees (Vosgesparis) een ernstige operatie onder gaan heeft. Misschien is een extra commentaar op haar blog leuk, een kaarsje of een kaartje, net hoe je dat gewoon bent. Je kunt mij een email sturen voor haar adres in het ziekenhuis waar ze nog ongeveer 10 dagen zal moeten blijven. Vanaf hier sterkte Dees, het kaartje met de antieke foto is naar je onderweg!

Fijn weekend en of fijne vakantie allemaal, tot snel LiLi


Lori said...

LiLi, happy august!!! i am still in july here:) your dress forms are SO pretty... i really love the child's one...esp how your father got it for you, that is really so sweet!!! her outfit is darling...and i think it is genius that you are using your other girl as an inspiration board!!! i will say a prayer for your friend:)

LW said...

Hi Lili,

Your child dress form is darling…
I too love the little feet.
I don’t think I have ever seen a child size one..

I love how you dolled up your other dress form with
everything to inspirer..great idea!


Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

That is such a beautiful dress form, and the story behind it is even better. Just lovely!

tiffany~shabbyscraps said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Your child's form is so sweet and dear, What a wonderful story!
I have to tell you I am in LOVE with the wallpaper in your house too!
I see that you are Dutch, I have been to holland many times,where are you located? My best friend lived in Baarn, near Utrecht.
Thanks again for sharing, and I hope your friend is well.
xoxo, Tiffany

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Ok so I am so jealous of your childs dress form... she is SOOO cute and what a sweet thing that your father bought it for you.

I love the inspiration board one too... so now I am thinking that I NEED one for an inspiration board too so that is all the more reason why I should buy another one of course. LOL!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

oh yes and what tiffany said about that WALLPAPER!!! eek... I lOVE it!

Carol said...

Oh LiLi I simply adore your old children dress form, she so pretty and even has feet wow! Also it is a very bittersweet story behind her. I also love the rose wall paper in the background!

I'll light a candle for your friend tonight!

Have wonderful start in the hot month of August!

Hugs from Germany sends you
Carola xox

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Your little dress form is so precious and those feet! xo, suzy

Just Being Crafty said...

I never seen little feet like that before it's just beautiful and what a beautiful story very special. I will say a prayer for your friend and you have a wonderful day.


rochambeau said...

Dear Lili,
Will send good thoughts and pray for Desiree!! Like you I have always wanted a dressmakers mannequin. Love the beautiful one given to you by your mothers friend. The feet, the way you decorated her. Shes fab! So is the one you recently did.
Sending you a happy smile!

Country French Antiques said...

I love dress forms too! Only problem, I have to sell them all.
Thanks for the link I'll head over and drool a bit
Have a great weekend!

Mermaid Queen said...

Love your child's dress form and her little feet! ~Martha

Rosa said...

I love you child dress form, simply darling!

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Loved your dress form with the sweet little dress and the inspiration board too! ~ xoxo ~ Joy

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your little children's form is the most beautiful one I have ever seen! What a treasure you have and so much meaning. I love your idea of using your new one as an inspiration board. You are a wonderfully creative lady. I'm going to enjoy looking through all your other posts. Also, wishing all the best for your friend! Have a wonderful day! Twyla

Alisa said...

Oh, those little carved shoes are so wonderful! And such a sweet story too.
I'll send positive thoughts out to your friend.

Wanda said...

That is the sweetest dress form. If I ever found a dress form..I want it to be just like oyurs. It's perfect. I hope your friend gets well soon. I feel like a horrible swap partner..I have writen back yet...I'm so sorry. I have started collecting up some goodies though. :)

ceekay said...

Your child size dress form is adorable and I love the little feet. So cute!

Saucy said...

What a wonderful remembrance you have of your friend Loes (and your mom too) by way of that little form - it is adorable. And your inspiration form is fab too! Doesn't she get upset with you, pricking her all the time with your goodies?

Counting Your Blessings said...

It's so nice that your mannequin has a sweet story! Mine are all - just 'cause I wanted them =) Blessings... Polly

cherished*vintage said...

OMG Lili what a truly wonderful gift from your dad, and such a touching story. How fun to have a child size form. She is beautiful!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Too cute!!

M ^..^

Kathy said...

Your dress forms are lovely. And your post and stories are so touching.

I will be thinking about your friend and wishing her the very best!

Elly said...

Volgens mij heb ik ze allemaal al eens voorbij zien schuiven (en volgens mij heb ik ze toen ook al zo bewonderd), maar het blijft een genot om naar te kijken! Ik vind je paspoppen echt allemaal geweldig. Natuurlijk degene met de prachtige geschiedenis, wat een lieve vader heb jij gehad en wat mooi dat hij je dit nog heeft kunnen geven. Maar dat kleine kinderpaspopje is ook zo aandoenlijk, mede door al de mooie spulletjes die je haar gegeven hebt. En last but not least je eigen, opgepimpte pop, ik vind het nog steeds knap van je dat je dat gered hebt!
Jammergenoeg heb ik geen pop, maar zo'n echte oude, daar zou ik graag een plaatsje voor maken! Heel fijn weekend Lili!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Your dress forms are beautiful, Lili! I absolutely adore the little child's form. And so sweet with your daughter's clothing. How wonderful. Thx for sharing. Prayers have been said for your dear friend. I'll pop over on her blog and give her my best wishes for a speedy and full recovery!


Beth Leintz said...

Lili- The child size dress form is just darling and I love the way you've accessorized it with family items. I'm remembering your friend Desiree - what a wonderful card you made for her!

linda said...

I very much loved reading your story on how you got your first dress form. - it made my heart feel good. I will say a prayer for your friend that she will mend quickly. All the best! LindaSonia

casa nostra said...

dat kleine paspopje is zooo mooi. die poten/voeten alleen al.
lief van je dat je in je bericht ook nog aandacht aan dees geeft. laten we maar hopen dat ze snel weer opgeknapt is.

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Hello Lili! What a darling little child's form! The feet are so precious~
I love your wallpaper too.
The large form is great as well, I like what you've done with her!
I hope your friend is better ASAP.

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

What a wonderful story about your dress form! And those carved shoes -- those brought tears to my eyes! I think I'd trade all the cage forms in the world for one of those!

I'm so surprised there are no caged forms over there! One would think that that's where they came from, yes? Or maybe it's just that they're all in France, decorating one fabulous Paris Apartment after another. That would seem to be THE perfect Paris Apartment accessory!

You are truly a wonder to publish each of your blog entries in two languages.

I'm now going back to your blog to drool over your heavenly rosie wallpaper!

Warmest regards, Ronda

Nicky said...

What a shame I am to late to sign up for this show of dressfroms. I have a little mini dressform too! The dressform your father gave you is so sweet with those carved shoes. What a delightful detail. And you present it beautifully to us!This must indeed be a very sweet memory for you!

Maija said...

I adore that child mannequin! The feet rock!
I'll keep checking up on you too!

linda t said...

What a lovely story.
So glad you ended up with your Mom's friends Dress Form. You have such a precious, dear Dad.
Thanks for sharing with us all.

Carla said...

Your dress forms are lovely. The child's one with the carved feet just took my breath away. What a wonderful man your father must have been-- so thoughtful. I'm sending out good wishes for your friend.

Simply Me Art said...

First that was a beautiful story about your childrens dress form. I think it makes her even more special how yougot her. I will definately keep your friend in my thoughts during her recovery. Jamie

Fete et Fleur said...

Oh my goodness! I love the child dress form!! What a wonderful memory to have and I love that your daughter's clothing is on it.

I will say prayers for your friend and will leave her a message on her blog.


María Elena said...

Lili, wow, beautiful dress form! and, despite the circumstances,nice souvenir of as it came your hands.

Jeanette said...

Dear Lilly!
I have neglected you! Being in the country house without a computer is very relaxing and a bit disturbing.....How can I check out all the lovely blogs.... I missed you terribly!

Your dressform is beautiful and the story behind it even more beautiful. A lovely memory! And the one you made? Well that most certainly shows how talented you are! Way to go girl!

Now I am going to rush over to tiffanys to check out the other dressforms but before that I am going to stop by Dees and send her all my thoughts and wishes towards a speedy recovery. Your thoughts for her shows me that you most definitely is a category 3 friend!

Lots of love to you my "Blog friend"


linnea-maria said...

I wish I could show a dressform that nice as yours. Mine is even more modern, switch buttons in plastic and a boring stative. Its recently loaned out to a friend. Your father was very sweet thinking of you when i bought the child form for you. Thanks for letting usknow about vosges paris, her blog is so nice. Hoping she will recover /linnea-maria

Marie Antionette said...

Dress forms are kool.Yours is in very good condition.Love the feet.You can do all kinds of neat stuff with it. Hugs Marie Antionette

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh! I love your sweet little dress form and I love that your dad knew that you would want it. What a sweet man he must have been!

Bleu Cottage said...

Hoi hoi,
Het blijft een schatje, je paspopje. En als ze is aangekleed dan al helemaal.
Ik had op mijn site ook al een kaarsje branden voor ons Deesje (das lekker brabants hè?),hopelijk
door onze positieve gedachtes zal ze snel herstellen.
Greets Cobi

Anna said...

Thank you for sharing all these beautiful things with us! I was moved by the story how your dad fixed the dress form for you. As our returning to schools and work draw nearer, I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Manuela said...

he brocante vriendin!
ik heb het geregeld hoor!!!
als het goed is kun je nu via via naar mijn blog....
Ik wil jou ook nog even een hele fijne vakantie toewensen,hopelijk heb je lekker weer.
wij hebben idd nog een weekje,dit is het laatste en dan hebben we er al weer 6 weken opzitten.heel snel gegaan... maar een beetje regelmaat is voor de meiden ook wel weer lekker...

we lezen elkaar wel weer!!
lieve groetjes van je brocante vriendinnetje!
en je paspopje blijft een schatje!!

Natasha Burns said...

Beautiful forms Lili!!! Oh thank you for the eel information - I would certainly try it but eels still do freak me out a bit! Kind of like the feeling I get with snakes... scary!

Bleu Cottage said...

Hoi hoi,
Wat een prachtige (emaiile) banner heb je weer op je Blog :-)
Ach dat voor Dees is een kleine(technische)moeite hoor.
Nu even een stom vraagje; waar koop je die kleine stempeltjes?? Ik "mag" van de week nl gaan shoppen en kan er dan naar op zoek gaan.
Gr Cobi

jeanette said...

lief dat iereeen zo meeleeft met `onze`dees. ik heb al een kaart gestuurd maar niet zo`n mooi zelfgemaakte als jij, de tijd he....het gaat erom dat we aan haar denken en dat doen we masaal. vind je voet van de papsop idd geweldig mooi. ik heb nog geen vertaling van de kaarten, als jij het weet? ik kan echt geen woord frans, terijl ik er al bijna 10 jaar op vakantie naar toe ga, doe iets niet goe he, hahaha...

Bleu Cottage said...

Hey hello Lili,

Thanks for your message.

Huggies from Cobi