Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Flotsam & Jetsam

Last month Stacey and yours truly agreed to have a personal vintage Christmas swap. Stacey is the lovely writer of the blog 'Flotsam & Jetsam' a title I had to search in my dictionary. As I understand Stacey and I both are collectors of 'flotsam and jetsam', little thingies, right? and ephemera. Mmm, vintage Christmas could be a problem to me, because our country hasn't got a great Christmas tradition, but Stacey told me that every day vintage (probably and hopefully she meant flotsam and jetsam) was quite well too, as, in her words,'every day is a holiday'!

A swap is always fun! The gathering, the crafting and then the moment you receive your box:

Look at this!
This box is filled with layers and layers of white tissue paper, this beautiful paper, the scrap pictures and the card in Stacey's beautiful handwriting on top and between the layers presents!

Layer 1:
vintage millinery violets (good research Stacey!) and a lovely glass glitter anchor.

Layer 2: vintage Christmas decoration! I love it! Already some feeling of panic: Ohh what did I sent? This is sooo good!

We both are button floozies!

Another layer...

A vintage brooch that is already clipped on my favorite vest. I wear it every day.

You have already seen these small (2") bottle brush trees in my previous post!
These Christmas trees will stay in my cupboard all year!

And so layer upon layer was unfolded with the most lovely presents! You'll see a photo of the whole loot at the end of the post. In the process of getting to know each other better I managed to squeeze in a large wish list...:$}
I am fond of the Somerset publications, so could we please trade a magazine? Stacey promised me immediately to send me one, but she said she didn't want one herself.

And she didn't send me one, but three of the finest magazines. They are all very good, though Somerset life is simply the best. I wish I could buy it here too.

As I told you before: we both collect ephimera. Look at this!

And we promised to craft something for each other and these lovelies were made by Stacey, can you believe that?

I made her this:

A personalized portfolio, her blog banner was my inspiration. Check Stacey's blog to see what I have sent her! Or check my Flick'r album for more detailed photos of what I received and what I sent. 

And I had another wish; I was so curious to taste the famous american candy corn every one was writing about and decorating with during Halloween. So Stacey managed to get a lot of candy corns even though Halloween was already over. And I wanted a cup cake ballerina
badly. I have seen them in so many blogs, but cannot find them here.
So Stacey, like the fairy grandmother of Cinderella, just send everything I wished to me!

On the bottom of the box, just when I thought this cannot be better, Stacey managed to fulfill my last wish; an original Ledger!! Aaaa awesome:

Look at the inside; written with real ink in the 30ties, I love it!

The loot, but I bet you cannot see anything on this photo :-(
But you can click to enlarge the photo of course and then wonder; was this all in one swap?
Yes it was!

This swap was so much fun and the perfect beginning of Christmas 2008 to me.
I hope you have enjoyed it too and I want to thank Stacey for all her lovely gifts and for being such a nice person and blog friend, hugs LiLi.


Lori said...

LiLi, what a beautiful swap...Stacey sent you some really wonderful sweet that she sent to you everything that you were wishing for, and now you have some lovely things that you can't find where you are...i will pop over to visit her and see what she received:)

casa nostra said...

geweldig wat je weer allemaal gekregen hebt. ben wel nieuwsgierig naar die tijdschriften en dat handgeschreven boekje is ook om te smullen. ga ik nu even naar Stacey om jouw swap te bewonderen.
fijne dagen voor jou en je gezin.

suzeeez said...

Wow ....what a great swap ...all neat things ....I'm so jealous !
:o) Sue

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh! She did send you some wonderful things! I'll have to go see what you sent her now.

Carol said...

Oh ny gosh Lili what you received from Stacey all looks awesome, amazing, wonderful, well I'm running out of superlatives here. At this moment I wanna swap bodys with you because I wanna be you lucky bunny!
xox Carola

rosabeer said...

Ik kom net bij de blog van Marianne vandaan en kon je antwoord bijna kopieren en plakken. Op hubby na dan want ik was daar niet zo standvastig in, maar een mens blijft altijd leren toch. Het pakket wat je gekregen hebt ziet er weer gewelig uit. Als ik de foto's zie komt dat gevoel weer terug van toen ik jouw pakket ontving en open maakte. Ik ben wel een beetje nieuwsgierig naar de inhoud van het buttons boek en de tijdschriften. Foto van het blikje komt eraan (zal hem vandaag er nog even tussen plaatsen) en dat kopje thee ? misschien komt het er nog eens van.
Bedankt voor je lieve comment.
lieve groetjes Marja

Marianne@Songbirdisnesting said...

Wow what een swap! Als ik dat zo zie dan weet ik zeker dat ik het nooit aan zou durven (maar wel willen!) om met een Amerikaanse dame te swappen. Dat kan ik nooit evenaren. Maar gelukkig jij wel! Want jij bent onze eigen Nederlandse Swap Koningin (dat recente pakket voor Elly bewijst dat maar weer). Geweldig! En zoals je al weet ben ik zwaar jaloers op je Somerset Life en op die ledger! Die zie ik hier nou nooit op rommelmarkten.
Geniet ervan! Je hebt in ieder geval genoeg om een heerlijke creatieve kerstvakantie in te gaan.
Fijn weekend! said...

You and I have swapped in the past and I can say from experiance that you are a wonderful swap partner. But wow!! What great things your freind sent!!! I'm on my way to go and visit her now,I have never been to her blog. Looks like she loves the same kind of stuff I do.

LW said...


What a wonderful swap box…
I love the idea of putting things in layers,
It must have been so much fun
opening this great swap package.

Love your rhinestone pin, it’s very pretty..


linnea-maria said...

Godness what a huge lovely parcel to recieve! I can tell you this must be the best christmaspresent you could get, I enjoying watching the pictures.
Well I am a bit shy and I dont have many photos of my self. I always tend to look a bit tensed on every photo, Im more relaxed behind the camera. Ive been thinking to go to a pro photographer, maybe then...
Have a wonderful evening /linnea-maria

Stacey said...

Hi LiLi-
I forgot to take a picture of the little Santa b/c he was already in my decor! I have him displayed with a little pastel colored village:) Please forgive me for not taking his portrait:)
Also, I noticed the pendants I made have some cracks in them. That's from the cold I think. If you're brave enough, you can put them one at a time in the oven (just the pendants, not their ribbons) at like 275 degrees and let the resin remelt. Watch it and you'll see it get clear again. But use the oven, not the microwave!
Im so sorry they cracked. It's the nature of the resin I used...

Catharina Maria said...

Wat een super "rijke swap" !
Het is goed dat het op de foto staan , anders zou je niet meer weten wat je allemaal gekregen hebt !

marga said...

Zo hee...............wat een mooie swapspulletjes heb je gekregen maar je moet jezelf niet te kort doen, ik heb ook bij Stacy gekeken en jij had haar ook héle mooie spulletjes gestuurd.
Geniet er van!!!!

Debbie Egizio said...

What fun goodies!! That was a super fabulous swap!

Twa said...

Wat weer een geweldige swap.
Prachtige spulletjes. Zonde om ze te gebruiken eigenlijk. Je swap voor Elly was ook hartstikke leuk.
Je kan er wat van!
Groetjes Antoinette

Beth Leintz said...

I just found Stacey's blog today- Karla sent me a link- she's got great stuff- all the flotsam and jetsam that we like so much- and she sure shared great stuff with you.

I had never heard the term flotsam and jetsam until I heard my very Catholic mother in law refer to people that went to the 5 pm Sunday mass as the flotsam and jetsam that couldn't make it to church earlier!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

wow!! what a great haul of swappy goodness!! lucky you.
i just sat reading your blog for ages - i love the vintage santa claus book beatiful

merry christmas from a fellow button floozie !

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a beautiful swap! Such lovely things.

LW said...

Hi Lili,

Yes, that doll with Santa on my blog is mine, that is our family room tree
behind them.
Her name is Beatrice Louise and she stands 9 inches tall; she was made by Wendy Lawton.
She was a convention doll and only about 300 were made, it took me
6 years to find one to buy, she was number one on my must have list for a long time.


vosgesparis said...

wat ben je toch een creatieve kip..... dat je daar allemaal de tijd voor vind. alleen al om alle lettertypes te zoeken voor de Flotsam & Jetsam titel op het door jou gemaakte boekje. En dan lees ik ook nog eens op alle blogs waar ik kom ellelange verhalen (waar ik altijd van geniet en die ik altijd even moet lezen) Zoals het verhaal bij Wil over je kerstboom die zich zelf in April aftuigde:) En als klap op de vuurpijl ben je ook nog eens zo attent om mij een persoonlijke verjaardagsmail te sturen waar ik dus nu 10 dagen later je eindelijk eens voor kom bedanken.
Ik begin te begrijpen waarom je niet zo vaak meer op t forum en in de albums actief bent. t kost zeeen van tijd. Leek de reader eerst zo'n geweldig idee (wat ie natuurlijk ook is) nu puilt deze uit met 700 nog te lezen posts... k denk dat ik eens wat selectiever moet gaan worden haha
Vel plezier in en om het huis met deze donkere dagen voor de kerst.
lieve groet , dees

Stacey said...

Hi LiLi-
Wanted to tell you I looked over all my goodies again today and remembered more of my favorites:) The little pug pink playing card is a true gem. I have it displayed in a cabinet with other treasures:) And the #3 game piece is a wonderful find too! I just love looking at all my new flotsam & jetsam!

cherished*vintage said...

Lili, what a fun swap. I'm so glad you received your wishes - how fun! So how do you like candy corn? :o)



Lili, love all your goodies, especially the vintage tiny doll.

~ Gabriela ~

ShabbyInTheCity said...

OH my gosh! Love it all. Especially the ephemera. I know you are a happy girl! Blogging is the best.

Cami said...

Now this is my favorite swap EVER! Nice, nice, nice!!! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

rochambeau said...

Hi LiLi,
You and Stacey are both lucky souls to have found one another. To be able to share treasure with a friend who understands is a gift within itself!!

May your holiday season continue to be blessed!

Marie Antionette said...

What lovely things Lili,I love those tny ballrinas,so cute.Hugs Marie Antionette

Twa said...

Ik had eigenlijk nog geen foto's van het hele huis omdat het verder eigenlijk nog een beetje een rommeltje was. Maar ga vandaag lekker aan de schoonmaak dus misschien volgen de foto's nog.
Fijne dagen alvast!
Groetjes Antoinette

Cowboys and Custard said...

I would have been over the moon and back again to receive such a parcel of delightful ephemera.. as the song goes.. raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten...... these are a few of my favourite things..especially the bottle brush trees and darling little bird picture at the bottom... Magnifique!!
I would just like to wish you and your family a truly Happy and wonderful Christmas and look forward to much more blogging with my blogging friend in 2009..
With love
Michele xx

Little-Z said...

Dankje! Jij ook hele fijne dagen!

The Rose Room said...

WOW!!!! Amazing flotsam and jetsam!!! Am off to see what you sent Stacey! Rachaelxo

robin dudley-howes said...

Oh my gosh!! Such wonderful things. Love the old doll and the glittery box ornament.

How did you like the candy corn?