Monday, December 15, 2008

Pretty little Christmas at LiLi's!

Thanks for all your good wishes for my daughter who turned 15, which we celebrated big last weekend. We cannot begin decorating for Christmas before December 5th, so there is really not much Christmas decoration at my place. With a little pain in my heart I told Heather, of Pretty Petals, that I couldn't join her party. The truth is that there is a little Christmas party at my place. Come on I'll show you:

In my antique doll's room, which is in my December banner, it is always Christmas...The little stable in a wallnut is standing under the Christmas tree, where red parcels are waiting to be unpacked.

In my cupboard

there is a little antique angel orchestra playing. The light is bad, but these are the dark days before Christmas, you know. With the little stable there are three mini bottle brush trees, which I received from Stacey in a swap package. This package was soooo beautiful, I'll post about it when she received mine too. Which is any moment now, I hope.

A closer look.

In another cupboard which really is too dark, there is a little childrens' prayer book with a small angel,

So I took it out of the cupboard to make a photo for you!

Now that you are here and I am here too, why not cheat a little and take a look at some photo's of previous Christmas in the digital era;

In our 19th century town house we have two large windows at the front, which I try to decorate in a different way each year. 2005 was a year of white and peacock feathers.

2004 big wreaths (somebody will hate me...but I think he is so cute this way)

Last year I hung up white branches.

Some details.

Under the branches there were birdhouses and bird candles.

We have a huge tree every year. I never had a fake tree in my entire life though there is some discussion about a real tree this size, because (as we live in a city with lots of environmental regulations) it has to be shredded to be removed. The one who shreds wants an open discussion about a fake tree. But the smell of a real tree...ahh!

The mantle is decorated in another way every year too. With that large mirror it is always good to have candles, the more the merrier!

Or bling and candles, the mirror seem to double the bling, cannot be enough for this girl.
Hope you enjoyed my little Christmas party. Stay tuned for the decorations of 2008. There are a lot of pretty Christmas parties going on, so don't forget to join them. You'll find a list here. Thank you so much Heather for hosting this party. Have a lovely Christmas everybody!


Anonymous said...

Hi lily,
Wat ziet het er heerlijk "christmassy" uit bij jullie thuis. Wij hebben ook altijd een echte boom hoor, maar wij kunnen hem na kerst altijd nog wel ergens in de tuin kwijt :) !
Fijne week nog.., Janneke.

Lori said...

LiLi, i LOVE your white branch with the wee birds, that really looks sweet and i think it deserves to be pulled out again for 2008...i would probably keep it up year pretty too are all of the candles on your mantle!!!

María Elena said...

Hi Lili, beautiful window's decor! Lovely doll's house and tree, your decor is very elegant. Hugs.

Manuela said...

dat is toch ook weer toevallig!hahahahahahaha......
weet je wat ik gister heb gekocht?
Een poppenhuis,wel een nieuwe,maar een hele kale dus zonder enige aankleding en dat moet dan mijn nieuwe project worden!ik maak er wel een stukje over... maar nu niet want ik heb het een beetje druk!! en een ziek meisje thuis dus even geduld ik wens jou en je gezinhele fijne dagen en heel goed en gezond 2009!!!
lieve groetjes van je brocante vriendinnetje

Marianne@Songbirdisnesting said...

Van alle open huis parties had ik die van Heather ook al in de smiezen. Maar ik durfde nog niet mee te doen, heb het gevoel dat mijn decoraties nog niet pretty genoeg zijn. Bovendien beginnen al die Amerikaanse dames al in november met hun kerstdecoraties en dat is veel te vroeg voor mij. Wel slim van jou om gewoon foto's van voorgaande jaren te gebruiken. Dus ik ga dit jaar ook maar veel foto's maken voor volgend jaar ;-)
Ik vind die witte takken met de vogeltjes het mooiste. Ik wou dat ik het huis, de plek en de partner had om dat ook te doen.
Groetjes, M

barbara said...

Your decorations! Your tiny house! So wonderful. But I especially love seeing the setting of your house and that handsome little guy - what a cutie!

LW said...

Oh Lili,

I so love your little room, it is so very enchanting.
And your white window display is lovely. I could not help but to
marvel at the wonderful view as I looked out past the branches.
What a truly beautiful place you have…


KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh LiLi,
Your Christmas decorations are lovely. Oh, and that creation in the window, and your gorgeous vignettes! I'll be right over for a cup of tea.

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Lili, I am SO happy you decided to join!!! I love sooo many things. First of all, those white branches! SUCH a brilliant idea, so so pretty. Your little guy looks so handsome standing there with the wreath. :)

I LOVE the mantle with the candles on it.... and there is just nothing like a REAL tree. Have a merry Christmas! xoxo Heather

Scrappy Jessi said...

Happy holidays!!!


rosabeer said...

Mooie foto's heb je geplaatst, het maakt mij echt niet uit hoor dat ze (nog) niet van dit jaar zijn. Wat een heerlijk sfeervol huis hebben jullie en die rode bank en gebloemde stoeltjes horen daar helemaal thuis. Zeg je zoon maar dat ie een schatje is zo op zijn kerstbest.
Hartelijke groetjes en rustig aan (ik kan het altijd zo goed tegen andere zeggen) in deze drukke tijd.

rosabeer said...
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Stacey said...

Wow! Your home is amazing:) And your decorations are so inventive and original. I think my favorite theme is the white branches...

Your doll room is so lovely. The miniature walnut creche is such a wonderful addition. And the wooden musicians- Too cute!

I'm looking out the door each day in anticipation of my little package:) It's waiting for the right moment to bring some cheer just when I need it!

She'sSewPretty said...

Your home is beautiful Lili! I love your blue walls! Happy Holidays!

Catharina Maria said...

Het ziet er gezellig uit bij je !
En een nep boom ....ik moet er ook niet aan denken .
XOX Rini

Karin said...

I love everything...but the mantle is my favorite!!!

Fete et Fleur said...

LiLi! Your doll house is amazing and I'm drooling over your old Christmas photos. They look like something out of a magazine! Your home is GORGEOUS!


casa nostra said...

je hebt ook prachtige ramen om iets gezelligs mee te doen. die takken herinner ik me nog wel uit onze 'goeie ouwe tijd' hahaha.
ik zou dit jaar(zoals afgelopen jaar ook al) voor een 'echte' boom gaan, maar het was zulk slecht weer toen ik hem wilde zetten en bedacht me toen maar weer om toch maar de zolder weer op te kruipen.
maar die geur mis je gewoon. nog gefeliciteerd met je dochter, beetje laat, maar toch....fijne en gezellige dagen voor jou en je gezin.

vosgesparis said...

Alleen het idee al van een fake boom..... nou ja of je moet allergische kinderen hebben anders is t not done voor mij hoor ;) Ben benieuwd wat er dit jaar op je schouw komt , al is de foto met al die kaarsen prachtig.

rochambeau said...

Dear LiLi,
Your abode looks like it's twinkling with Christmas magic!
It' is truly a gift to be able to cruse around Blog Town and see the sights all over the world. Love your style!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Pretty pictures!
Merry Christmas to you!!

jeanette said...

die foto met al je kaarsen vind ik geweldig! en die tak voor je raam kan ik me nog wel herinneren, zou ik dit jaar gewoon weer doen, iets wat goed is moet je niet veranderen. ik las dat je dochter jarig was, beetje laat maar als nog van harte....heerlijk om weer iets van je interieur te zien, je prachtige roodfluwelenbank en je mooie stoelen, tis net of ben ik in een paleis beland!

Marina Capano said...

Hi Lili! thanks for your email. there are too many blogger that cannot leave me comments! I put only 5 post and I think that so, more soft, my blog is not heavy now, but I don´t know what is the matter??? I need help!!
but I can leave your email in my window!

Marina Capano said...

ahhh!!! your home is just beautiful amazing!I love them! so cute! thanks for sharing!xoxo

The Rose Room said...

Hi LiLi!!! I love your little house and all the little details. I also love your big house, fabulous furniture and love decorations. Can't wait to see 2008 decorating! Rachaelxo

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I just adore all your decorations. They are lovely.

I will have a giveaway on my Friday post.

Miss Sandy said...

For someone who could not throw a party, you sure threw a good one! I love the branches in the window and the mantle images. Your home is lovely. Have a Merry Christmas!

Elly said...

Dat is genieten al die heerlijke kerstimpressies!!! Wat geweldig dat jullie zo'n grote boom kunnen hebben, ik geloof dat wij elk jaar met het meest miserabele ienieminie boompje naar huis gaan, hahaha!!! En die takken voor je raam vind ik héél classy hoor! Prachtig!En dan al die kandelaars (of is het kandelaren?) voor je spiegel ook al zo mooi!
Ik hoop dat je nog wat tijd kunt vinden om je huis weer zo gezellig en stijlvol aan te kleden!
En je oude poppenkamer? Zucht..... wat een juweeltje!

linnea-maria said...

My god your home is soo beautiful!!! I dont think Ive seen pictures of your livingroom before. The decorating with the white branches is lovely!!
I didnt look so much at the shelf as I did on the background wall. Is it flower buttons in the back? They look so pretty.
thanks for congratulation, wish your daughter the same from me :) Having the same birthday? 14th?
Hugs /linnea-maria

Miss Sandy said...


I am so glad you came by for a visit! I meant to bookmark your blog and lost track in all the party hopping! I'll do that now so I can come back for more visits!

robin dudley-howes said...

oh such lovely eye candy!

cherished*vintage said...

Lili, I love the photos from you past Christmas's. Your white branch with the birdies is wonderful. Love the pic of your boy - so cute!! Oh, all the candles on the mantel - fabulous!!!

Carol said...

Hello dear LiLi!

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! It is not great to have birthday in December isn't it? My daughters birthday luckily is a bit later on January 9th but still to close to Christmas I think. Well I guess you are decorating right now so I wish you a lot of fun with it!
Happy Holidays to your and your family!!!
Hugs Carola xox

Country Cottage Chic said...

It looks so very, very pretty Lili - thanks for posting the photos for us to have a small peek into your Christmas!

Recycled Rita said...

Hi Lili!
I love your decorations! Love the birds! And the swap you did...the gifts you got were awesome! Your little guy is so cute!!! Hope you have a wonderful christmas!