Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blogging for Bliss

Korte Nederlandse vertaling aan het eind.

Hello fellow bloggers out there and others of course!

Today August 4th Kari Ramstrom of Artsy Mama is hosting a blog party in honor of the launch of the 'Blogging for Bliss' book by Tara Frey. I haven't seen the book yet, obviously we have to wait a little longer for it here in Europe, if it will be available at all over here, but we all know that ordering in the States is easy as pie nowadays. The internet has made the world so small. Blogging has the world turned even smaller to me on a personal level.

Made for Karla and Beth's bling your birdhouse party, part of this has become my profile photo

I started blogging in September 2007 after a short period of lurking. I have been creative all of my life, but I never felt at ease with the 'color by number' creativity that I surrounded me here in the Dutch hobby shops. I have been a collector all of my life too and I have written dairies and journals as long as I can write, so discovering blogs felt like coming home to me.

Collection of vintage hankies. All white as is typical for the antique dutch hankie.

Yes, there are people out there that understand the beauty of jars and jars of vintage buttons. Of collections of hankies, vintage bling, need I go on? And those people write about it too! On top of that those people create with these vintage goodies, that was new to me, though I always tried to recycle materials, being a child of the sixties.

So I choose a name and got started: I started writing in English, as I definitely wanted to reach out to American crafters in the first place, but I have met creative people from all over the world; from Sweden, Chili, France, New Zealand and Singapore to name a few.

Soon I discovered that this world was so stimulating to me. Meeting new friends from all over the world, reading about their lives and commenting, making a dialog, has enriched my life more than I could ever express here. That is part of my bliss! Thank you very much!

Here is an impression of my blogging life until now. I have experienced that all bloggers are very generous, but I have decided to leave that out of this post, I'm afraid that I forget to mention somebody.

A few weeks after I started blogging I joined my first art challenge, hosted at that time by Louise of Beachy's cupboard, that no longer exists, her current blog is Whispering Poppies. I made this collage^

I joined my first swap, hosted by Heather of Pretty Petals, my partner was Carola of Boxwood cottage. I sent her amongst others this^ little paper dress and the purse. I still didn't show you these.

That little dress inspired me to make this garland, a witch wardrobe for Wanda, of the Rat's pajamas my partner in the Sweet and Sinister Swap hosted by Kari Ramstrom.

I never celebrated Halloween before, because we traditionally don't do that here in the Netherlands, but when I read about it in blogland I liked it!

I even dressed up as a witch, for the Halloween blogparty of Vanessa of a Fanciful Twist.
Don't worry, it was fun but

This ^ message was inside the paper doll I made for Debra in the Halloween flight swap she hosted herself.

I think it is nice when you try new things, like celebrating Halloween. In fact it inspired me to make what I consider my master piece until now:

What I especially like is that showing your creations is so stimulating in blogland and can even make new friendships. There are so many nice people out there, thanks for visiting my blog and stimulating me and cheering me up!

Not only Halloween inspired me to create, Valentine's day did that too, another party that isn't traditionally celebrated over here in the Netherlands.

I always was a camera shy person (I don't know whether you can tell lol, but I have to admit that I am simply having trouble taking photos of myself too).

My daughter usually takes the photos of me. We haven't named her after photographer Eva Besnyö by coincidence!
But the fact is that I am not that camera shy anymore. It is more easy to accept yourself when you are surrounded by real women all day in blogland, thanks for enhancing my self image ladies!

Taking photos everywhere has become part of my routine,

before you know it, you are documenting your life in quite a fun way; of course we all are such adventurous ladies, just watch my visit to the garden center ^!
Blogging really stimulates me to be creative, taking photos is part of that, I like to experiment taking photos for my banner:

Like this one, that didn't made it. My banner photos are all in my side bar. Yes and I know I'm still carrying my July banner! I haven't found a matching back ground for August yet.

I even met a great photographer Susanna Gordon and her friend through blogging and was part of this ^ very fun project.

Blogging can make you get out of your comfort zone.
I was creating these ^ kind of pop up cards for quite some time, when in February 2008 Linnea Maria won my give away and I wanted to make her a more Scandinavian French inspired pop up card:

When I started blogging I joined a challenge to reorganize my studio. I did that without buying new stuff, I painted and revamped a lot of junk from the attic. I was happy but hubby was even happier for decluttering. What a bliss!

My latest swap was a personal swap with Andrea Tarling of Vintage Bella Studio. We did a junque in your trunk-inspired swap and this hat box, here after make over, was the trunk I sent her, but I will tell you all about that next time.
Now I am joining Stephenies 'I thought of you swap', but I don't have any sneak previews :-( for Kitty and you.

There is always a party going on in blogland and I love that. Not that my life is always a bowl of cherries, but I like to keep this corner of my life as cheerful as is possible. There is enough drama around us already. I know that there are a lot of blogging women out there who are trying to make this blogging world feel better, thanks for that!

So I end with this party girl, it is Karla Nathan's grand daughter Sugarwings, disguised by me as a  button fairy. I sent her to Karla for her 50th birthday.

My life has changed in such a positive way since I started blogging. I want to thank you, the readers of my blog, as well as the writers of the blogs that I am visiting. Unfortunately I couldn't mention all swaps, I choose the ones that I thought fitted best in this post. I love you all!
Blogging is so much fun.

Have fun at all participants at the Blogging for Bliss party. Kari of Artsy Mama has a whole blog roll of people who are playing.
Did you know that I never heard of the word bliss before blogging?
I do hope I got the meaning right! Thanks for visiting me, I'll try to visit every blogger who is blogging for bliss! xoxo LiLi M.

Vandaag ligt het nieuwe boek van Tara Frey "Blogging for Bliss" (vrij vertaald bloggen voor geluk) in de Verenigde Staten op de schappen. Reden voor Kari Ramstrom van Artsy Mama om een blogparty te organiseren met dezelfde titel.
Natuurlijk zijn het op de eerste plaats de contacten die het bloggen zo leuk maken, ik wil jullie allemaal hartelijk danken daarvoor. Voor mij is het ook heel belangrijk dat het bloggen me creatief stimuleert. Ik ben mijn hele leven al een frutselaar en een knutselaar, maar de laatste jaren dreigde dat wat ondergesneeuwd te raken. Ik heb wat voorbeelden van door het bloggen gestimuleerde creativiteit in mijn blog verwerkt. Met opzet heb ik ervoor gekozen om de vrijgevigheid van bloggers buiten beschouwing te laten, ik ben zooo bang dat ik iemand vergeet.
Bedankt voor je bezoek, groetjes LiLi M.

shadow box sent to/voor Marianne @ a songbird is nesting


ArtsyMama said...

Thanks for joining in the party. What a beautiful post. Love hearing your story and the wonderful effect on your world that blogging has had.

Alison Gibbs said...

What a wonderful post. Blogland is a great place full of likeminded people sharing and caring

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh what sweet little witches!

I know just the IKEA map that you are write about. It is truly a good one. I get so many great ideas from IKEA. Will you show your son's room when it is finished? I so adore your style.

Brigitta said...

Wow, wat een inspirerend stukje!!! En wat heb jij ongelooflijk mooie dingen gemaakt, daar kan ik nog heel veel van leren.
Ik vind het heerlijk hier bij jou rond te neuzen en te zien en te lezen wat jou inspireert en wat dat dan weer tot gevolg heeft.
Blijven doen hoor!!!

Lieve groetjes

Anonymous said...

I love your post !!! So many incredible creations !!! Your magnificient corbeau, paper dress, halloween little girl, shadow box...
How talented you are !!!
It's incredible !!! we are, once again, visiting each other at the same time !!! xo

Anonymous said...

Bonne journée :)

Marianne@Songbirdisnesting said...

Zo herkenbaar! Alleen was ik alleen creatief in mijn hoofd voordat ik met bloggen begon, en realiseerde me eigenlijk pas wat bloggen was toen ik al impulsief een blog begonnen was.
Ik zit al een tijdje op blogging for bliss te wachten, heb het gepre-ordered maar het is nog niet binnen.
Grappig dat je 'mijn' schaduwdoosje al gepost hebt. Ik heb de foto's gemaakt en de post gepland voor later deze week (je kon zeker niet wachten....).
Oh trouwens, je gelooft het niet maar de paastags zijn binnen!

Carol said...

We are such party people aren't we Lili? LOL I just knew you would join this party too! I totally agree with what you said about the bliss of blogging! I will never forget our beautiful swap! Oh and I absolutely love your masterpiece with the black raven, it's wonderful!
Hugs to you!
xoxo Carola
P.S. Loved you pictures from your previous post too!

Catharina Maria said...

Wat een heerlijke post is dit weer .
Ik heb vooral een zwak voor de button fairy , het is wel zo'n schatje !
Een poosje geleden vroeg je mij over de moo's en inchies op mijn blog .
Moo's zijn ontstaan door de moo's die je op je flickr site kan bestellen van je eigen kunstwerkjes en aan deze vaste maat heeft een artiest dan weer haar eigen slinger aan gegeven om ze dan ook echt in die maat te maken .
Inchies maken vind ik ook echt leuk omdat daar weer net de restjes van papier ,kantjes plaatjes enz op kunnen .
Hoop dat het duidelijk is wat ik opschrijf voor je want dat kan nogal eens rommelig zijn voor een ander .
Lieve groet van Rini

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Lili! I am so glad that we all have started blogging! Your art and style literally make me so happy! Your collection is sweet, your home is beautiful and you live in a fairyland! Kindness is your crown sweet friend, Anita

rosabeer said...

Kwartet ???????? Dit is je vierde post waar ik nog geen reactie op geplaatst heb en voel me dus heel erg schuldig !!!!!! (ik moet ook nog je mail beantwoorden, shame on me!!!!)
Ik kom maar niet terug op de vorige drie want anders wordt het zo'n lang verhaal, dat er geen ruimte over blijft voor de rest. En deze post verdient heelveel reactie's. Voor mij geldt hetzelfde. Creatief ben ik mijn hele leven al maar het kwam er niet altijd uit. En nu met zoveel inspirerende blogs word je vanzelf gemotiveerd om ook bezig te zijn. Ik moet wel bekennen dat ik op de meeste buitenlandse blogs alleen maar kijk en niet veel reageer. De schrijftaal is dan wel een struikelblok. Leuk om alles wat je hebt gemaakt zo eens bij elkaar terug te zien.
Een fijne dag en geniet van het mooie weer.
groetjes Marja

Florence and Mary said...

This post on blogging is just perfect and sums up everything that is great.

Like you blogging encouraged me to try new things and find inspiration.

Victoria xx

Claudia said...

I love what you've said about blogging and why it brings you bliss. Through this party, I am discovering your blog - isn't that wonderful?

LW said...

What a great idea for a blog party, I wished I joined in…..
I enjoyed reading about the whys and how of your blog and looking back
at past events. Your raven is divine and I really adore your secret message paper doll.
If you do not mind, I am going to borrow your idea for Christmas tags for my granddaughters’
gifts this year…

I think I said this before but you make an adorable witch…


Junque Couture said...

yummy blog! Better then cake!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour Lili!
Thank you for visiting my early Pink Post! Your comments are dear to me! Have a magnificent, creative day! Anita

Rosemary said...

Hi Lili,
I love everything you are showing on your blog. What fun! You look adorable in your witch hat. I'm so glad you like Halloween, and got into the spirit even if they don't celebrate it there.
You are very inspiring!!
Have a wonderful day!!

Poppedijne said...

Whaw,if only the world could be as nice a the blogworld you mention, Lili! We would all be in bliss! Thanks for your great entry's.It's such fun to read them.

Beverly Dillow said...

Great Blog! You are very creative. Loved all the pictures of your creations.

Thanks for stopping by mine.

Blessings on your day!

happy zombie said...

Hi Lili... nice to meet you too! I so agree, blogging makes the world so much smaller. And so much nicer too!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Love reading your post! Thanks for visit me today, too!
I'll be back again...

Elyse said...

hi LiLi,

what a heartfelt post. i loved every word of it. i haven't had much time to blog lately and wasn't aware of the party. rats! blogging has made such a positive impact on my life as well.

i love our happy little corner of the world that we call blogging. so nice to know you!


i hope you will share some of your holidays in the netherlands with us americans. how fun that would be! :)

debi @ life in my studio said...

What a beautiful post...I really enjoyed it! Your pictures are all so pretty...and fun.
Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit.
Hugs, Debi

Jen R. said...

I think it is wonderful, the kindred spirits we are able to meet from all over! Jen

KarenHarveyCox said...

Such a beautiful post. Blogging has had such a lovely effect on so many people. Your blog is always filled with so much delight, I always enjoy visiting you. I love those pictures too!!!


Emily-Claire said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my post. I truly enjoyed looking through your blog. It is wonderful to hear what an experienced blogger has to say. Keep up the great work. You are such an inspiration! :)

Rosy Lady said...

What a gorgeous blog! I really enjoyed reading through your post about blogging.

Bonjade said...

Wat weer een reacties bij je....en zo verdient.....
Dit stimuleert je vast weer voor nog veel meer moois....
Het is steeds weer genieten bij je
Ga maar heerlijk door zo.
Fijne dag

Christine said...

Nice post Lili! Looks like we've been blogging for the same amount of time after lurking a bit:) I love that shot of you in the witches hat~I missed that blog event somehow. Hope all is going well with you!

Nerissa Alford said...

Thank you for visiting my blog & your kind words.
I'm in love with your blog! Your artwork is stunning & is truely inspirational for other artists. I enjoyed your Halloween story :)
Take care & I'll be back again to visit.

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Wat een inspirerende post weer Lili! Je hebt ons weer prachtige dingen laten zien. Hier ging het een jaar of vier geleden net zo; ik dacht eigenlijk dat ik zowat de enige (toen nog dertiger) was die nog van handwerken en knutselen hield. Laat staan van gewoon huishouden, kinderen verzorgen en koken... Maar dank zij het bloggen ben ik er achter gekomen dat dat niet zo is en dat er heel veel 'meisjes' zijn die ook leuke dingen maken. Ik moet bekennen dat ik ook veel dingen namaak of combineer, maar dat is volgens mij ook wel oke, als je het maar vermeld nietwaar. Het is vaak het idee dat ik nadoe. Maar niet alles hoor, ik bedenk zelf ook veel!
Dus; bloggen bracht mij veel Bliss, kun je wel zeggen.
Veel plezier met fotograferen en groetjes van mama lieveheersbeestje.

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a fabulous post Lili! I think you covered a lot of why we all write blogs. Besides being a sort of diary it enables us to meet up with other people with the same interests which doesn't always happen in real life.

I'm so glad you blog as I love my visits here!


Gypsy Flea Market said...

The more I read , the more I feel not so much like an outsider in the blog world ... everyone seems to have some minor insecurities, but they are SO over shadowed by the joys {BLISS} we all seem to gain by connecting with women around the world ... simply amazing!


linnea-maria said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections about blogging. I could have written them myself. the positive feedback, the inspiration, and the discovery of wonderful people has made me stronger, happier, more creative, a better human. It is indeed wonderful. Have a beautiful weekend. Many hugs /linnea-maria

Beth Leintz said...

What a great post- you've really captured the fun of making new friends and the inspiration to be found in the blog world.

Elly said...

Applaus! Mooi gesproken Lili! Een indrukwekkende revue over je blogland-carriere! En ik ben het helemaal met je eens! Ik wist niet dat er zoveel creatieve, inspirerende en vrijgevige dames op deze aardbol rondliepen. Ook mij zetten ze regelmatig aan het werk, ik bedoel, als je al dat moois ziet dan móét je gewoon wel aan de slag. Bovendien heeft het bloggen ook een aantal erg leuke contacten opgeleverd, iets wat ik van te voren niet had kunnen bedenken. Leve blogland!!!!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Oh Lili, that was a beautiful story. You have told it so well. I think you have captured the feelings of alot of us about blogging and the lovely women we meet and blog with. I love your shadow box with the crow. It's beautiful! Hope you have a lovely day!


rochambeau said...

It has been a pleasure to meet you through blogging Lili,
It is so amazing!


rochambeau said...

I like hearing your dream about your neighbor giving you a ride!

María Elena said...

Hi Lili, I read your blog from the beginning, and I've experienced, like you, a great joy to meet people from different countries with different styles and artistic contributions.

kana said...

I so enjoy your blog and agree with you that blogging is fun! It definately broadens our world!

Laura said...

Hi LilyM! I just popped over to tell you that yes, of course, my Give Back is open to all my international friends! I am so pleased that I did so because I have just read your beautiful post and now feel as if I know you well! I received my copy of the book in the mail yesterday and started reading it last night! I will now check out all the other participants who participated in this "Party".....Anyway, your blog is wonderful and I will be back to visit again....Thank you for your kind comments and I will put your name in the hat for my Give Back!
Take care, your new friend, Laura

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there sweets,
what a wonderful post.
im having so much fun reading everyones posts.
have a fabulous weekend.

♥zoe♥ said...

Hollo Lili,
So great to see your stopped by in my blog:) I really enjoyed reading and your story of blogging seem so warmth towards me....

Its so true of what you said, appreciate the generous from all the blogger ladies:)
Such a beautiful post and you looking great with self potrait!Especially the one you dressed up as a witch for Halloween party, it's so fun pic!

Enjoy your fabulous weekend!

Miss Marple said...

Amen! Je spreekt me uit het hart!

Een heel fijn weekend en lieve groetjes - Irma

Christine Edwards said...

What a beautiful post...it is interesting when you realize that blogging has changed your life like you never thought possible. Thanks for sharing your blissful story.

She'sSewPretty said...

I didn't join the party. Some how I missed reading about it! I'm so glad you blog Lili! Your blog is one of my favorites! I enjoy reading about your life and your creations every time I visit!

Sandy Michelle said...

I love how you mentioned all the swaps you took part in when you first started blogging. The Sweet & sinister Swap was my first! I love the collage you made with the ladies, as well as the button fairy you made for Karla's grand Daughter!

Sandy xox

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

great post! It's so hard to put into words what blogging does for us! For those of us that "get it" it has really changed our lives and brought out the creative side of us. I will be forever greatful for discovering blogs and creating my own!

natalea said...

I just adore your blog LiLi! So much inspirattion here!
I love that collage you made- with the group of girls- wonderful! Have a great day- xo natalea

marga said...

Eindelijk kan ik weer eens komen kijken én een reactie plaatsen!!!! Grote computerproblemen gehad...jakkes.
Wat een inspirerend logje heb je weer gemaakt, ben trouwens ook meteen naar het logje gaan kijken over je kamer waar jij "creëert"....wauwwwwww. Daar raak je al geinspireerd alleen door rond te kijken. Die foto van jou als heks vind ik nog steeds helemaal te gek. Mooi logje weer.
Groetjes Marga

The Rose Room said...

What a beautiful post LiLi, a lovely tribute to blogging. Many of us will relate to what you have said! Rachaelxo

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

What a lovely post Lili... I think you have said SO well what most of us feel. It was fun to look back at your creations and projects that you have taken on since you started. It is amazing how connected we all are isn't it? I am so glad to know you Lili... you would get the award for one of the friendliest bloggers out there.

love Heather