Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Revamping boxes and portfolios for starters

Are you ready for Natasha's 'Revamp it 'party on Friday? See the button on my sidebar. Just as an appetizer I will show you some revamped items that I sent to Andrea in return as part of our swap the other day. I told you before that we did a 'junque in your trunk inspired' swap. Well my trunk started its life like this:

a.s vrijdag geeft Natasha een revamp party, zie button in de sidebar, dus ik dacht alvast een voorproefje te geven; revamp je doos ;-), zal ik maar zeggen;

Het begon allemaal met zo'n lelijke glimmende hoedendoos.
A hidious shiny hatbox. First you peel of the plastic of the box and then you put on some wallpaper, which in my case didn't go too well. There was a big wrinkle in the paper that I couldn't get out as the paper was attached too quickly, or should I say the glue dried too fast. So I took a color copy, glued it on some cardboard aged it a little, put it on the wrinkle et voilà:

Plastic eraf trekken, behang erop, over de enorme kreukel een gekopieerd etiket dat je eerst op karton plakte, vintage lint et voilà^
Yes there is still a small wrinkle here and there but that adds to authenticity, I think. Of course the blue vintage ribbon does that too.

Bij de kringloop kocht ik een bonbondoos bekleed met moiré zijde
Revamping box nr. 2
I bought this Belgium moiré silk chocolate box at the thrif store, yes it was already empty :-(. I made a color copy on linen fabric, sew that on the box, made a kind of a frame with vintage lace and added some vintage millenery flowers sent to my by the 'hat whisperer' herself in a previous swap. This is my revamped box two:

Plaatje van stof, kantje en wat vintage bloemen erop en klaar om gevuld te worden
Of course I filled up this box too:

Doos met inhoud, voordat het inhoud werd. Klik op de foto's voor meer details.
You can click on the photo to see some more details.
Now we have had revamping the box, next is revamping the portfolio:

We gaan verder met 'revamp your portfolio'. Elke kartonnen map kan dienst doen. Behang erop plakken, plaatje steentje, sleutelgat en lintje bevestigen en vullen met oud papier dat de Amerikanen ephemera noemen. Al deze spullen stuurde ik naar Andrea Tarling, met wie ik swapte zoals ik al vertelde.
Sorry no before photo, but I always use the simple portfolios you can buy anywhere. Take some wallpaper, a German scrap, you know by now that that hand is one of my favorites, add a keyhole and some vintage ribbon, I don't think you need more of a tutorial, do you?
I filled this one with ephemera.

Een tweede portfolio vulde ik met stof, knopen en een vintage schortje om zelf nog op te pimpen.
Next portfolio I filled with fabric scraps, buttons and a vintage apron to foof up.
The image of the label was plucked from Barbara's blog 'Oodles and oodles', as was the image of 'Marianne', I showed you in a previous post, I forgot to tell you that, sorry about that Barbara.

Deze map bekleedde ik in stijl met een stevige stof. Gewoon geplakt met tacky glue, ik vrees dat ik het voor mijn post as vrijdag ook nodig zal hebben.
To be in style I glued fabric on a portfolio, inside and out, so that you can glue the fabric together. I recently discovered Aleene's tacky glue and I am affraid it will feature in my post next Friday too.

And now for something completely different:
en nu iets heel anders:

een bordje pimpen ;-)
Revamping a small plate ;-):

Thanks for joining me here, I hope to see you on Friday at Nathasha's 'Revamp it' party. I think I will have an early start as the Aussies are about 8 hours ahead of us in time. Cu then xoxo LiLi M.

Bedankt weer voor je bezoek, ik hoop je vrijdag weer te zien voor Natasha's revamp party.
Fijne week nog, xoxo LiLi M.


Princess Of Pink said...

WAT mooi allemaal en idd met een oude doos kan je iets heel moois maken. Ik heb er ook nog een paar staan die wel een make over kunnen gebruiken!!


Marianne@Songbirdisnesting said...

Mooi gedaan! Grappig dat ik ook net een map heb zitten revampen (voor die andere swap), zitten we toch weer op een lijn.
En als ik nu niet snel weer achter de naaimachine kruip ga ik voor vrijdag die lijm van jou ook nog nodig hebben.
Groetjes en tot vrijdag.

June said...

Hello Lili,
I don't know how you do it! You take something so ordinary and transform it to pure beauty. These revamps are awesome. I would find it hard to part with them and all the lovelies you put inside. Your swap partners are lucky, lucky ladies.
Thank you for stopping by and leaving a footprint on my heart again.

Lori said...

LiLi, your re~vamps are awesome!!! i love how your prettied up those ordinary boxes and made them something extraordinary...lovely work...Andrea is a lucky girl, the goodies you sent to her are very good indeed!!! thanks for your very sweet comment to me:) you are a doll!!!

Lori said...

ps: SO bummed, i couldn't find anything that inspired my for Natasha's party...i really wanted to play too:(

Lori said...

my=me :)

Ingrid Mida said...

How lovely! I must try it.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear, what a lovely post and idea to check out!!! Dearest Lili, thank you as always for visiting me! Your visits mean so much to me and your style is simply wonderful and alluring! Yes, isn't it wonderful to have calorie free goodies to look at?! We will have our doors open just for you, early so you can get a sneak peak at the show. Wear your pearls, diamonds or "bijoux de fantasie" and have fun with us! Have a wonderful time with your friends ths weekend! Bisous, Anita

Catharina Maria said...

Lili , ik ben er helemaal "kwijt" van !
Wat zal zij daar blij mee zijn !
Lieve groet Rini

The Rose Room said...

Wow Miss LiLi!!! Absolutely fabulous revamping!!!! You are clever and have been very busy! Oh and I do love how your blog is looking at the moment! Rachaelxo

kana said...

I love your altered boxes and looking forward to Friday!

sweetscarlett said...

Oh no! I came on for a quick peek at what you have been up to and I will need much more time to have a good look!
Lovely things and sharing, as always! I'll be back soon for more of a full time read with a cup of tea!
Thank you so much for visiting me while I was ill!

Elyse said...

dear lili,

i'm not sure which i enjoy more: your beautiful posts or your wonderful comments. you truly are a treasured blogger.

a wonderful grouping of creative treats here for sure!


The French Bear said...

Wow, such beautiful boxes, I can't believe how wonderful they look!!! You have the "touch", that lovely artistic flair!!! So inspiring!!!
Margaret B

Manuela said...

als ik het zie dan denk ik oja dat kan je ook doen....kom maar op het idee.....vooral die bovenste doos...SUPER!!!!!!!!!!

ben benieuwd naar vrijdag en wacht af...

alles goed verder?? wij gaan volgende week weer naar school...kijken wat dit schooljaar ons weer brengt..
Zijn met Renee in onderzoek om te kijken of er wat is(ADD????)we wachten weer af...geniet nog lekker van de vakantie!!!

lieve groetjes!

Anna of Helylle said...

I thought of that album too, as I was entering the post! Love!

linnea-maria said...

You have made gorgeous things out of plain stuff! Love the hatbox, well I love it all! Hugs Linnea-maria

jeanette said...

oohh..wat een prachtige dingen heb je weer gemaakt zeg! ik kom binnnekort even bijlezen want ik heb overal zoveel gemist, maar dat komt allemaal wel weer. bedankt voor je leuke reactie op mijn vakantieverslag. ik ben met je eens dat de stranden en ook omgeving in noord bretagne nog mooier zijn. st malo en dinan en dinard ik ken ze allemaal, geweldig mooi. ik dacht dat ik alles al gehad had in bretagne maar ik kreeg een tip van Hennie die had het over crozon,op een schiereiland onder brest, dat moest echt helemaal geweldig zijn, dus misschien iets voor volgend jaar want daar ben ik dus nog niet geweest. ik ga weer...tot gauw!


Gabriela said...

Hello Lili,

I love what you did with this boxes. They look so elegant!

~ Gabriela ~

KarenHarveyCox said...

These revamps are lovely. I especially love what you did with the box, and what a creative idea to revamp a plate. Your sense of design is perfect.

Have a lovely day.


Vianne said...

Hello, you have great blog! I like your decorations, hat boxes and the needle case too! Iam inviting you in my blog, if you want. Iam from Czech Republic. Have a nice day!

rochambeau said...

Hi LiLi,
Your box AND your gift of treasures looks lovely! Andrea is sure to adore!

Really like the before and after on the hat box!! Can't wait to see what you will share tomorrow!


She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my goodness Lili! Those are all gorgeous and I easpecially like how you revamped that plate! ;o)

Anonymous said...

All of it is so gorgeous Lili! Truly eye candy! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

All of it is so gorgeous Lili! Truly eye candy! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...
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LW said...


In my eyes, you have just become the revamping queen.
What a beautiful job you have done everything.

I will stop by tomorrow to see what else you have decided to do…


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

I LOVE all of these boxes you have revamped Lili. You turned them into beautiful works of art!!

xo Heather

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

How lovely Lili! I enjoyed seeing all of the different textiles.
And your blog background is gorgeous!

Flossie Belle Bags said...

I just loooove your Hat box, i think we have similar taste...

Marina Capano said...

Hi Lili! Wow, such beautiful boxes!!!
excelent worh! I love it!



Anonymous said...

What beautiful remakes Lili, they are all gorgeous! I especially love the fabric you used on the portfolio - just so lovely. Well done!

bluemuf said...

Lili, I love how you re-did the boxes. I have some horrible boxes and I think I will try to cover with some wallpaper.

Hugs karen

Andrea said...

Look at all those lovely things! I love them all! Thank you Lili! xo Andrea

Belle Brocante said...

Lilli, ik heb net met veel plezier je blog doorgelezen. Wat maak jij een mooie dingen zeg! Ik heb ook zon oude plastic achtige ronde hoedendoos met verkleurde bloemen en was er laatst aan begonnen met behang (toile) en multi coat voor decoupage maar dat werkte niet. Wat heb jij voor lijm gebruikt? Oh ja ik heb de oude laag er niet afgehaald...hummm

Anonymous said...

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?